Now is the Time to Build Independent Income – Epi-3077 — 4 Comments

  1. Hi. I’ve been listening off and on for couple years but listening more frequently now.
    I suffer from PTSD from time working in law enforcement and probably weeks away from getting medical discharge. I say this because I can get triggered easily and take me time to calm down.

    Most of my healing has been been focusing on my family and I’ve developed a great relationship with my son who has CHARGE syndrome. He’s 11 years old and very smart and once he’s focused on something he can do some amazing things that “regular“ and “normal” people just don’t grasp.

    I was really enjoying the episode and thought it would be great to listen to this with my son so we can brainstorm ideas and such. But then you used the R word when referring to some dummy in government or something like that. That really triggered me and I had to stop listening and really effected me negatively.

    I’m going to try to finish episode today because it’s so important but I just wanted you to know that words have a lot of power and the R word is such an ugly word. You’re a teacher and I’d like to ask you if one of your grandchildren had special needs, would you use that word or want anyone that is teaching them use that word?

    If anything people that care for special needs individuals need this podcast more than others as they’re more vulnerable.

    I’m still a listener but unfortunately I can’t let my son listen to the episode but really wanted to.


    • With all due respect anyone that takes the word “retarded” as used in this episode to be an insult to people with “special needs” has a PERSONAL PROBLEM.

      I am absolutely tired of language being censored by enforcement or fear of “triggering” someone, anyone. Pink pussy hat wearing libtard, decent guy that is a cop doing his best or fill in the fuckin blank.

      Literally NO ONE uses the word retarded to describe a person with say autism, or any actual disorder any longer. The word at one time was used to define people who were “affected by intellectual disability”.

      Now that is not done, it has been abandoned as such use. IE it DOES NOT APPLY TO YOUR SON who would never have been called it any way from what you say.

      It has another definition, that is simply, “very stupid or foolish”.

      I refuse to not use a perfectly good word because someone, anyone is “offended”. You can’t choose how others speak but you can choose how you react. If you read something into a word and let it trigger you, especially when what you made it mean was CLEAR as day never meant, you are looking to be offended.

      May be instead of shielding your kid from that you TEACH him that. Likely he’d never even be offended by the word unless you taught him to be so anyway.

      • I guess you missed my point entirely, I just think you’re better and smarter to use better words.

        As for fear of triggering people, that doesn’t sound like good survival advice. I think people should be aware that some people can be triggered by any number of words and if you drop or say wrong thing to the wrong person, it can go bad very fast. Yeah, I know you like to say you’d shoot or kill or whatever if someone does something to you and family etc. I’ve heard it all before and from my experience there is always someone that is more badass or quicker or whatever. So please save the rant on how macho you are for your drinking buddies.

        As for the unsolicited parenting advice, save those for your own kids and family.

        • I didn’t miss your point, I just don’t care.

          See section 3, I wrote this in 09, it has been there ever since. Get over it or get packing and walking.

          If you are triggered by words you don’t get near my group in a “survival situation” anyway. Also, no one said the square root of fuck all about being bad ass or macho except you by the way. Something tells me in spite of how you used it here, you are projecting.

          If you start worrying about “words triggering people” you end up with the stupid ass politically correct bullshit we have in society now. Because where the fuck does it end? What word is next? “Biological male”?