Episode-2677- Individual Insurrection though Group Action – The Podcast Super Group is Coming — 5 Comments

  1. I sent you an email but thought this would be a good public place to post this as well
    I love the idea of the podcast supergroup. I love the names you have in there as well. I actually listen to most of their work though Vin isn’t podcasting atm per se. I own both Vin and Pete’s books. 

    Some additional names that may be a huge addition:

    Brett Veinotte – schooling
    Ben Falk – you know why
    Ben Hewitt – schooling, rewilding, permaculture 
    Richard Grove – autonomy program etc

    Expert council members such as:
    Geoff Lawton – amazing systems thinker and the ultimate permaculture guy
    Doc Bones – medical side of things 

    Free state project people:
    Roger Paxton – may be a decent host type. I know he likes to public podcasts. Anarchist, liberty movement, farmer, homeschooler

    I hesitate to say it as I think he’s a wild card that may mess stuff up but, Jeff Berwick. 

    Another one to consider may be G Ed Griffin – lots of research on money and some health items. 

    Disenthrall on youtube – Patrick smith – anarchism, philosophy, peaceful parenting

    Derrick Broze – another wild card type but good thinker, journalist, anarchist, permaculture enthusiast

    Larken Rose – wild card. Anarchist thought leader.

    Love the work and really looking forward to it. 

  2. I would second Brett Vienotte, he might be a great producer too, his own shows are well produced and often has multiple people speaking at once which can make it difficult for the listeners clarity.

    I think Jason Stapleton would be a good addition. His whole show and business is helping regular salaried workers become entrepreneurs and build wealth and influence to live a more free life.

    I would like to see Cody Wilson included. All of the interviews I have seen of him have been enlightening and his work with defense distributed certainly counts as real world action.

  3. Oh and I think a couple females may bring in a good addition:

    -Nicole Sauce – entrepreneur, farmer etc

    -Sherry Voluntary – don’t know her last name.  Voluntaryist, mother, unschooler, peaceful parenting

    -what’s that girls name with the free state project.  Shit I forget but Jack you probably know who I’m talking about


  4. I think Chris Martenson could be a good candidate as he’s got a pretty broad base of knowledge in a number of areas. While I don’t remember him identifying specifically as an agorist or voluntarist or anarchist, much of his material leans towards the agorist and community-centric mindset. The fact he tends to distance himself from political affiliations and appears to be pretty objective & consistent when it comes to political topics is a plus too. His opinions on certain issues or solutions may not be exactly the same as yours (or mine for that matter), but more diversity of thought & ideas could make for a good group dynamic. Same goes for other potential candidates who may not necessarily be anarchists but still share some common values.