Episode-2399- Individual Insurrection and Personal Freedom — 4 Comments

  1. This is the best analysis of freedom I have ever heard. I knew it would be great so I saved it until almost a week later when I had time to hear it.

    Thank you, Jack!

  2. Hi Jack,

    Speaking of debt, I really hope your nephew has done his due diligence regarding attending law school. Law has become a highly saturated field and is being impacted by AI/technology as well. There are TONS of heavily indebted, unemployed, and underemployed lawyers out there. I would not encourage anyone to attend unless they are getting a substantial scholarship at a very top ranked school.

    • He is at a different level then typical. He is currently being courted by three different law schools specializing in Environmental Law. On in CO, one in VT and one in FLA. All three at the type of school that if you get in you are on a free ride all the way though as long as you maintain your grades. The kid is not as gifted as most of the family thinks, what he is amount to being driven and willing to work hard as fuck. It is a gift as well but it isn’t that he is wicked smart. He is smart enough to preform at the top because of a ridiculous work ethic.

      He is also gifted as an athlete but after his sophomore year he quit baseball. Realizing what it took was not worth what it gave back. He took that time back and plowed it into his Junior and Senior years. Top of his class, etc.

      He was on a 50% scholarship there, so was into it still about 26K a year beyond that. However he only had to borrow about 13K a year, paid the rest from sayings and part time work. So he will come out owing say 50ish K with a top law degree. I think he will be more than okay.

      When I say not everyone should go to college but some should, my nephew is definitely in the some that should category.

  3. As usual, excellent podcast Jack!!

    I was pleased to hear you mention my two favorite Richard Bach books, I pick them up at thrift stores any time I see them, and give them away. I have probably given away 100 copies by now.

    I was 18 when I first read Illusions, and met the Messiah’s Handbook. For the last 38 years, as I read or hear a neat idea that wants to be in it, I write it down. I now have thousands of quotes that mean something to me, that I use like the handbook. I had them on business cards, till I just had too many, they are mostly in computer files now. I give gifts to kids who are graduating, or changing their life: A pack of a couple hundred cards that I have chosen just for them, to be help for them for many years. And I always give them some blanks too, so they can add to it. The kids tell me years later they still have them, still use them sometimes, and have added to them. I think that’s awesome, and I’m glad to contaminate their brains with long lasting wisdom 🙂