In Defense of Liberty 2013 — 18 Comments

  1. Sounds good, then you can relax a bit more on Saturday before your trip back home. Look forward to meeting you, Dorothy and other TSP’ers!

  2. Good for you Jack!
    Your Destiny is to be a larger Force for Freedom than you can possibly imagine now. Doing it in jeans and a T-shirt is icing on the cake 😉

  3. Wish I could make it but will have to wait to hear your presentation. Nothing wrong with t shirt and jeans, maybe after the next revolution we can make that standard business attire! Safe travels man.

  4. Well wishes for you, Jack.
    Hopefully you plan on video taping this speech… along with the work you’re about to do on your new place.

    Have a safe trip!

  5. Good luck and stay safe on your journey.
    Looking forward to you being the “Patrick Henry” of 2013!!

    • First it is not nearly as cold as many people imagine. It is not Florida but if you check the USDA zone map for NH and many other places in the country you’ll find that there are many areas of NH that are just as mild as some areas in other states that would not result in this knee jerk reaction. There certainly are areas in northern NH that get pretty nippy!

      There are lots of reasons why NH was picked. Here are 101.

      Probably the most important not on that list — statists hate the cold 🙂

  6. Good to know you are wearing jeans and a t shirt. I save the dress I was going to wear for Saturday night….

  7. I learned about the FSP a few years ago from Jack and The Survival Podcast, and made the move from CA to NH last May. Couldn’t be happier!

    • Glad to hear it. The more people that vote w/ their feet/wallets from that granola bowl, the better imo.
      20 year escapee this July 16th, I’ll have to celebrate with 20 rds from my Mini-14 & Browning HP!! Woo hoo!

  8. Awesome Jack! Congrats! Please somebody take video of the keynotes – I would love to see them & would purchase – it would make a great fundraiser for FSP I think.

    BTW – might be a silly question, but has NH-FSP ever thought of franchising? I ask that in the sense that they could potentially help other FSPs start up & hit the ground running in the other 49. If not, they should think about it – I’d certainly be interested in rounding up some fellow NV libertarians and follow the model as best we could.

  9. Got my ticket and a a Friday off! It’s like Christmas Eve today! Of course now I have to decide which Tee shirt to wear as well. I’ve got the “one Nation Full of Ants”, “tSP Special Brew Coffee Shirt”, and the “2nd Amendment Shirt”.

  10. I actually found out about TSP when Jack did an interview with Free Talk Live at last year’s liberty forum. Glad to hear you do another interview this year man, having three of my favorite people in media on the same show is awesome!

  11. Hi Jack!
    Was fortunate enough to be in N.H. for another task (actually picking out a German Shepherd puppy) and stopped by the Liberty Forum. Was great to bump into you again, if only for a moment. You look like you lost more weight since we last saw you at the Survival Expo in Arlington. We also got to meet Kelly and chat up Dorothy too. Thanks for answering our question about recon in Texas recently. Maybe someday we’ll be neighbors!
    Keep up the great work!
    Your students,
    Kevin and Lisa from CT

  12. Jack, that’s an incredibly prestigious list of people among whom your name is listed. What an honor and what a sign of how far you’ve come!