If You Have A Smart Phone These are the Best Charging Cables You Can Get — 6 Comments

  1. I use Samsung 7″ and 10″ Galaxy Tablets that both use a special cord. I have tried several brands from amazon and they ALL FAILED. The Only Cord that lasts is the Samsung Brand 3′ Cord.. they are extremely tough and last about a year. I live off grid on Solar and the Tablets are perfect for everything from Satellite Internet to CloudBased 3DPrinting because of the power consumption (15W) – Both of my Laptops use almost 90W.

    Anyway. Just Sharing.. I wish there was a heavy duty 6′ Samsung Cord that lasts, but I haven’t found any out of 5 different brands.

  2. Many after market iPhone chargers are too thick, around the Lightning connector, to fit through the opening on some cases. This means that the case has to be removed in order to charge the phone. Does anyone know if these will fit in a lifeproof case and not require the case to be taken apart?

    • All I can say is my wife has an otter box and it works fine with that. I use a rubber slip on case and that would never be an issue for me.

  3. I use anker cables. They use higher gauge wires and good quality materials. They go the extra mile to ensure they offer high quality, long lasting cables.