If you Got the Old Grouch HMMWV Pioneer Tool Racks Here are the Tools To Go With It — 16 Comments

  1. Here it is again, typical Spirko flim flam hucksterism.

    Look at the great deal on some old military piece of junk guys, buy them from my sponsor who pays me to sell to you.

    Next day, okay now buy my 170 dollar axe on my Amazon affiliate links while I tell you that I am doing YOU a favor.

    No thanks assclown!

    • My first instinct was to delete this and just ban your stupid ass from my site. Perhaps redirect you by IP to some other site, etc. but now I want to thank you.

      Occasionally I get a bit too tough on people and snap a bit, folks this stupid shit right here is why! For every one comment like this you guys see I delete 20 and for every one of those comments I delete 50 from emails. Assclowns seem to prefer emails!

      Okay you bitter little snot, here is a reply one you don’t deserve but one you have coming!

      1. It is not a piece of junk it is actually a highly sought piece of hardware. I bought two I may buy more because when surplus is gone it is gone. They are selling all over now for say 40-60 bucks, it was a good deal that is why people bought it.

      2. The post above took me 30 minutes of my time to do and set up to look good etc. I did indeed do it to help out those that wanted the tools.

      3. I don’t get a fucking thing from this post. Are those links affiliate links, yep, you will see this in them, oldgrossurstu-20 which is Old Grouch’s code. Since he took the time to do them up I wasn’t about to strip them out or alter them to my own.

      4. It does take MONEY to run TSP you idiot. My server costs alone are over 15K a year.

      5. Go fuck yourself

      Nothing follows….

      • Bravo Jack!
        This guy’s a fuxkin tool. I wouldn’t fault you even if you DID make a buck off this post… I dont expect you to work for free!

        • Jack,

          I am proud of you, I wish there were more men that would actually state their mind and put the trolls in their place, especially in the business world. Say it like it is, Say YES or NO… And offer a great product.

          As a customer, and I have even spoke with you before and done business with you through TSP, I can say your customer service is awesome, and you sell value.

          I am beyond frugal, I have to be with my health and finances… but, I KNOW that the businesses and the people I deal with have to make a living to continue being there for me in the future. It is basic economics that is no longer taught, used to be common sense but it is not common anymore.

          Great Response Jack, Keep it up.
          Michael Van Horn

    • FYI- I’m not a paid sponsor and didn’t pay him anything to sell these- he even paid regular retail ordering his two like anyone else. Jack literally did not make a dime off this deal.

      And the links he posted were copied direct from the email I sent to everyone who ordered a rack- the exact links. Jack didn’t replace them with affiliate links that make money for him.

      • Don’t worry Tim I know this clown, he is a long time stalker. If you don’t have haters on the net, you are not accomplishing shit!

        I have a 7 year track record (in three days it will be officially 7) anyone who doesn’t think that is sufficient can jam a spanner wrench up their ass and jump into a pool of CLP for all I care.

  2. Hey Huckster… so here’s an idea, if you don’t like what the guy is saying, doing, selling, or suggesting… then don’t check out his website or podcasts. Clearly you are not his target audience.

    I personally wouldn’t buy an axe of that quality to mount on my vehicle, because I would worry about it being stolen. However that is a good price for a tool of that quality.

    So how about this, if he bothers you SO badly… then go away and don’t look back. We will promise to miss you while you are gone.

    • @Matt S, personally I am up in the air on the axe too. I am thinking about a utility vehicle for the homestead, if I do that I would put an axe of that quality on it. But my F-350, nope, too many pawn shop thieves around here.

      So much so I coined the phrase pawn shop yellow when I was doing construction. Anything in any case approaching the color of dewalt yellow was the first thing to be stolen.

      I reasoned that even if the thief didn’t know what it was they knew anything in such a color would likely pawn well from drills, to lazer levels, to to multimeters, it all does. Hence the term, pawn shop yellow.

  3. Ignore the haters! This is a wonderful value you added. I looked at the tool rack and said that looks interesting but I don’t know what tools I would put on it. Now if only I had some vehicle that made sense to mount it to, I would be good to go! Heck, at some point if I need upgrades for those tools I might even come back here for those links just because they were recommended.

  4. And for the haters, if you don’t like the Amazon affiliate links anywhere, just go to and pick out your own favorite charity to support. I’m not absolutely sure, but the one I picked is sufficiently obscure that I’m confident that just about any organization that is current with its 501c3 filing is eligible.

  5. That was great Jack tell him what for. That guy most likely siting home collecting welfare with nothing to do but hate on his computer LOL.Brent

  6. Now that the troll shoved his tail up his ass and ran, I got the good quality on the shovel and two part mattock. I got the lower cost axe, because yea I am not leaving an almost 200 dollar axe on my truck unsecured.

    Total cost on amazon, was dun dun dun, 106.26. Goes in the win column for me!

    Shipping for all that shit, 6 bucks!

    Amazon may make money on prime but not from me!

  7. Haven’t gotten my rack yet, but I’m hoping my fiskars axe will lock in. It may not be a hickory handle monster slayer but it’s cheap reliable sharp and effective. So far the poly handle is idiot (me) resistant.

  8. I ordered one on Monday and BHAM! On my door today Wednesday. It was a great deal for my Jeep. That Huskster guy needs to work on better karma man.
    Jack and Tim rock!

  9. WOO HOO Just in time for my birthday!!! I sort of have to ground myself from OldGrouch. Um yeah SOOO many good deals and great stuff. I can get carried away. Since it’s my birthday AND fathers day so close I can really shop!!!

    I have always been very impressed with the quality and the customer service. I can be very picky.