Indoor Aquaponics Set Up – Episode Eight — 5 Comments

  1. Do you have any concerns about how much weight the tank can support with the 4x4s across it? I.e., is there a point when you think the 4×4 structure should be supported independently?

    Thanks! Happy New Year.

    • I think you’d run out of space before it was a major concern.  That said if I built this outside, and I might, I would put upright supports to the ground sitting on concrete footers.  This would share the load though not take it all if that makes sense.  What I mean is you can only fit maximum about 4 50s, and the 300 can handle it, you simply can’t fit more in the foot print.  Putting 100s directly over it is impractical due to the height, so the space limit is greater than the weight limit in my opinion.  If that makes sense.

  2. Afternoon Jack,

    Hope y’all are staying warm down in TX, it’s been a shock for us up in here in Illinois, especially since we just moved up this summer from coastal Louisiana. Just wanted to say I appreciate your videos/coverage with aquaponics. Just getting interested in these systems so I did a little test using my little 3 gallon one beta fish tank. I’ve got it set up for ebb and flow using a 94 cent Rubbermaid tub, the existing pump modified, and an ink pen/pvc for the bell siphon. The garlic and chives have been in for 5 days and are growing like weeds. I’d add a picture but apparently i’m technologically incompetent. Good luck with the ongoing projects!