Episode-2862- The Ice Age Farmer on Climate Shifts and Food Shortages — 16 Comments

  1. Christian does a wonderful job of presenting pertinent information on his website. Always look forward to his shows. He sees patterns which do not bode well for the freedom to grow food.. Central control of farming — A government agricultural corportion complex to force out diversity and small farmers.

  2. Have you heard about President Biden’s 30 by 30 Plan? He wants to take 30% of the farmland out of production by 2030 and put it in National Heritage Areas to be managed by the National Park Service. It’s a huge land grab by unelected bureaucrats in Washington.

    Don’t people realize how central planning worked out in Russia? People starved!

    • I am sure they are going to pay top dollar for it too and whom do you think they will buy it from? Probably the largest holder of ag land in the US right now. You know who that is right?

      • Bill Gates!?! I thought it was going to be Tyson or maybe even the Bureau of Land Management. Well now I need to do some reading… Why in the world does Bill Gates own tons of ag land.

        • So I suppose you are looking for an answer more sophisticated than to control people and make money?

  3. Jack, You mention strategic relocation to protect yourself from the local/state/federal government. I read an article “Climate Change Will Force a New American Migration”, here is the link:
    In addition it has a link This link has maps of the US which show “projected” changes to various aspects of “climate change” including, wildfires, humidity increases, rising sea levels, economic (GDP) changes, and harvest yield changes. It includes these forecasts for every county in the contiguous US. Then sort of adds all these together to predict where the changes will be minimized.

    From what I can see Arkansas might be a good place to relocate. I am personally considering a Plan B property in Belize.

    • Think is all this BS is based on “global warming” which isn’t coming, not anytime soon anyway. The sun cares not for government documents.

  4. just a small amount of reduction can cause a huge increase in food prices. A five or ten percent reduction can cause panic buying and since there are so few packers to process animals, the sky would be the limit. Not food, but look at the scam of the price of plywood and OSB, unbelievable.

  5. I just wanted to share something that is happening in our state of Idaho right now with Idaho State Agriculture Surveys and documentation. They are sending emails to every farm registered in the state to determine if you are meeting state and federal production guidelines.

    The survey is asking about produce, berry, nut and fruit production processes and packaging routines. We were contacted and we are not a produce farm. We raise meat, beef, poultry and eggs.

    Our produce, berry and fruit production is for our own personal consumption. I talked to some other small ranchers and they received the same email. We were all told we needed to respond so we could be placed in the “exempt” category. They were asking for our revenue of production for the past 3 years.

    They were also collecting data on how many farms are producing their own personal produce. Any farms that were not considered exempt would be scheduled for a farm and facility visit to determine compliance. They have been conducting this survey for the past 3 years and are now wrapping in all the small scale operations.

    Listening to Christian talk about the agendas, it made my stomach flip. It feels very much like a systematic approach to determining where all the production is taking place and gives them strategic information on how they might target farms.

    This was on top of the “Required by Law” Agriculture census I was required to respond to earlier this year.

  6. Great reminder about Mulberry trees. I have several, thought of them as weeds until I bought a wood chipper, but now that I know they are rabbit food I will definitely propagate them and give them to my friends with rabbits and chickens.

  7. Watch the Ted Talk by Allan Savory on Desertification. Savory doesn’t understand that we are not in “global warming,” but he discovered why ANIMAL AGRICULTURE is actually a CURE for deserts!!! This is the opposite of all the anti-animal ag bunk we are being brainwashed with. But only if the animals are mob grazed. Research it! And try to get Savory’s ear! He has a “Savory Institute” which may be a good place to get the word out to those not totally brainwashed yet. Also, Joel Salatin of “Polyface Farm” is a genius speaker and farmer of mob-grazed pastured meat and egg farm animals, who produces a huge amount of food for people while INCREASING topsoil and land fertility! He has a huge following too.

    • Thing is we do have “global warming” the earth right now is in a warming phase. What we don’t have is any significant anthropomorphic global warming.

      There is massive evidence for a warming trend on the planet, there is no actual evidence that CO2 is the reason for it and in fact the most basic science about CO2 says it can’t do what is current being claimed.

      Conversely like Christian I do think we are likely headed into a cooling period and that is a much bigger problem than warming. However, we have not at this time experienced significant cooling. One temporary plunge in the arctic conveyor current does not equal a global climate shift. Just as a brutal heat wave does not equal run away warming.