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  1. I gotta say Jack, as a long time listener the 1st thing that comes to my mind when I hear any European Americans reminisce or praise America’s past without being specific (It would be great if there was more info put forth for those who haven’t read the book and don’t plan to), its hard not think that the majority of those peddling this mantra are either outright bigots or systemic racist / involuntary racist.

    *And for those out there who think I can’t speak on topic in a book I haven’t read you may need to start reading some new books. This is not a new topic. This idea of returning America to the good Ol’ days.

    Especially when you have ton’s of Famous European American Southerners like Paula Dean and Your beloved Hank Williams Jr fantasizing about scenarios that are direct insults to the suffering that African Americans went through.

    It just seems like whenever racist people find an opportunity to cleverly propagate their propaganda it is often accompanied with a cover story. Sort of wolf in sheeps clothing.

    I hear so many conservatives say the love what America stands for but do they really?

    Do they love or would they want America where they live and interact with blacks, latinos, asians, arabs of kinds. From minorities that are absolutely smarter than them to the most ignorant asses from races this world has seen.
    I think deep down we know the answer to that. People of my ilk are damned if we do damned with you people.

    You can pretend and stick your head in the sand that this type info doesn’t influence people’s decisions if you want, as it would be the opposite of the principles of Prepping.

    Its a big slap in the face to where this country has come socially. The oppression levels aren’t perfect currently but they are best they have ever been but stupid movements like this are at it’s best involuntary offensive and at its worst an out right slap in the face.

    So what exactly do you miss about America? From when do you miss it? Is it theoretical? or is outright because the European Male’s power is starting to dwindle?

    Is it freedom when certain group has the advantage and is heavily favored?

    Is this what is missed?

    Is it really just about the govt?

    Please be specific

    • You sound like a fool and you clearly don’t even know what I Miss America means, haven’t read the book it comes from and have an axe to grind. That axe has no place here and further stupid rants like this will not be published.

  2. Mr. Spirko I am no ones yes man lets be clear. I ask only you make it easy for us ignorant folk to cogently understand the intention of the nuances of this message.

    You can’t really expect me to not associate this sweet version”I miss America” and the old blood thirsty “I miss America” without it. Bad people will always hijack movements. So its up to those who proselytize a message to provide that clarity.

    Is this how you handle opposition on a single issue? I agree with you on a bunch of other stuff but I definitely don’t think you handle your self well when
    challenged. Justify it all you want man. Shit is starting to go to your head man really. If we cant have civil discourse here then what is the point of opening it to the public.

    God man, when and where do you want me to raise my concerns?

    Is that freedom?

    Can someone tell what the real intent of this message is?

    Is this site only for anarchist and minarchist?

    ps…just because you can threaten someone doesn’t mean you have to

  3. Obviously some of the commenters here have not read the books, and are trying to subsitutue one small part of American for the entire American history.

    What Mr. Tate is trying to point out with “I Miss America” is an America that had some moral values, that taught personal responsibility and believed in liberty, and behaved at lease somewhat responsibly with taxpayer money. The America where the Constitution was something other than toilet paper for liberals who have seized power.

    For over 200 years America was a great nation, now it is on a very strong decline, and I hate to say but we are no longer a great nation. We refuse to use our natural resources, we ship our jobs overseas, we give money to our enemies, and we spend like there are no consequences. Just like Rome we have put politicians in place who get elected on the promise of giving hand-outs. We have come a long ways from Kennedy’s “ask not what your country can do for you” speech. How long do you think we can keep going on the path we are on? Personally I find the scenario outlined in 299 to be very probable nad have based my preps on it being the most likely scenario.

    While the U.S. has had some faults, never in the history of the world has a nation done so much to help the rest of the world. Now we just try to help Muslims overthrow countries and establish their caliphate.

    I really wish those people who like to use the slavery argument knew as much about history as they profess. Slave owners provided slaves food, housing, and basic medical care in exchange for their work. Modern liberals food stamps, government housing, and now Obamacare in exchange for your vote. Tell me, what is the difference other than the amount of effort involved in getting the freebies? Those collecting government handouts are slaves to the system, and those of us lucky enough to still have a job are slaves by having half our income forcibly taken from us in order to provide the freebies for the now 49%.

    • WOW! Slavery Apologetics! You can really look back on the past with modern morality and still come to that conclusion.

      I don’t know if you know this but Farmers do the same for their livestock. Some pets today get treated better than rich people’s kids, let alone a confused African.

      If you want to justify the horrors of slavery and the inability of man’s nature to recognize his intellectual and moral shortcomings then and today go right ahead. I will not stop you from undermining liberty.

      As far as handouts and wealth distribution, well look at how much taxpayer money has bailed out the so called private industry. Also take a look at corporate welfare and compare the numbers please.

      No one cares about the unfairness of Wealth distribution when its in their favor. Please stop pretending that it is in yours. It amazes me how many poor Americans protect the richer classes economically in hope that they will one day become part of the “in group”.

      I thought the majority of us lived with christian values. Really living what Jesus advocated. Helping the poor and your fellow brothers in times of need. That the richest of us would have the hardest time getting into heaven.

    • Oh yea….the differences in the types of slavery…..WOW! Monumental Idiocy! You mean to tell me your imagination is so under developed that you can’t imagine the difference between being whipped to the bone, castrated, raped and forced to raise a fatherless child that will be mistreated on both sides, treated like love stock, being pissed and shit on! is that even remotely similar?

  4. Hey, if “I miss America” doesn’t speak to you pretty clearly, then you’re over thinking it. There’s a reason it’s popping up on t shirts, graffiti, and hash tags all over: it says it all. And if you want to wax philosophically about every conceivable nuance to the phrase, start a blog. That no one will read.

    • No need for a blog (as I sidestep your weakly projected insult), this is an open forum. Jack would have shut this down already if it wasn’t. An Idea was proposed and it was contested. That simple. If we can’t intelligently defend our beliefs, then are they worth believing?

      Still Awesome to see you giving this community the time and attention.

      Don’t always expect to hit home runs, how you handle adversity speaks volumes of your true character.