I Have CoVid – AMA Livestream 12PM CST Tomorrow with Jack Spirko — 19 Comments

  1. So, how did you get a hold of HCQ? I’ve heard Ivermectin works really well too, at least that is what Brett Weinstein has been pushing.

    • Ya, where to get HCQ is my big question too. I’ve been planning to get at least a couple of doses each for my family in the event it comes here for a visit, to keep on hand.

    • I got an Rx for Ivermectin from a doctor on this site.
      And no this is not spam, it really works. My parents used this site too.

    • Here is a Directory of Doctors Prescribing Outpatient COVID-19 Therapy. Investigate if they do telehealth consultation and prescriptions. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko MD, a Family Medicine Specialist in Monroe, NY was a pioneer in the use of hydroxychloroquine and zinc. He accepts telehealth appointments (845) 782-0000 This doctor deserves support for his successful efforts to protect his patients despite the wrath of Big Pharma shills.

    • Americas Frontline Doctors. Go to their website, schedule a phone consultation and 14 days later HCQ arrives in your mail with a 14 day supply refill.

  2. Oh, and I agree getting tested for Covid, I did once early on because we would going to visit my wife’s ailing grandmother. Never again that is painful!

    • Yeah, I had it twice. I think that is my least favorite medical procedure I have had to date.

  3. My household had it back around New Years. Wife is a nurse and brought it home Christmas day. She spent a week in bed with 102 fever, full on flu symptoms but luckily never progressed to the lung issues. My 19 yr old daughter and I lost our sense of smell and had the sniffles for about 24 hours. All of us tested positive a few times trying to get back to work… it took about 5 hours of waiting each time to get tested. It’s funny how different people react so differently to the same strain…

    • And how you can get tested and results now from most Drs Offices and have an answer before you even leave.

  4. I found several sites that will allow you to order it without a prescription. I want to order some to have on hand just in case. They sell either 200 or 400 MG doses. What is the recommended dosage and for how long?
    My wife and I take Quercetin and zinc daily as a preventative.

    • The best resource for proper dosage of various COVID-19 prophylaxis, including ivermectin, can be found online here:
      The dosage is based on your body weight in kilos or pounds is found in multiple languages. lvermectin for Prevention for high risk individuals: 0.2 mg/kg per dose (take with or after meals) — one dose
      today, repeat after 48 hours, then one dose weekly. Post COVID-19 exposure prevention 0.2 mg/kg per dose (take with or after meals) ?— one dose today, repeat after 48 hours
      Vitamin D3 1,000–3,000 IU/day
      Vitamin C 500–1,000?mg twice a day
      Quercetin 250?mg/day
      Zinc 30–40?mg/day
      Melatonin 6?mg before bedtime (causes drowsiness)
      This was removed around June 2020: Hydroxychloroquine 400mg BID day 1 followed by 200mg BID for 4 days

  5. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine can be purchased without prescription at discount “farmacias” just south of the border in many Mexican towns. Use the border crossings with the least traffic for fastest turnaround. Do some online research first. Tens of thousands of U.S. citizens cross the border every day to get low cost medical and dental care plus much cheaper medicines in Mexico. Many discount “farmacias” have a doctor on the premises to write prescriptions. If you are concerned about U.S. Customs questioning you, just show your prescriptions. Many of the boxes that the drugs come in have a lot of empty space. I combine 4 or 5 into one box to reduce size. I have never had an issue crossing the border with reasonable quantities of medicine and I have sent family members and friends both ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

  6. Jack, were/are you doing full keto when you got sick, or did you happen to be in “maintenance mode” or temporarily off keto?

    I happened to be in full keto (<30g net carbs per day) when I got sick and I had much milder symptoms, and I started on quercetin & zinc near the beginning of it just like you did (no HCQ though). I'm close to your age w/no medical conditions. It's likely (maybe even probable?) it's just a coincidence, and maybe it's chalked up to a difference in the variants (Delta variant only very recently started showing here). But I can't help but wonder if extremely low carb/sugar intake might somehow make a difference in the body's response?

    Maybe this is something to explore, though exactly how I'm not sure. Maybe Dr. Ken Berry has some thoughts?

  7. Greetings from PEI Jack. I was wondering if you got it or got vaccinated. I have not got vaccinated. I don’t plan on it. I’ve assessed my risk factors, and after watching numerous Chris Martenson videos; I may wait it out for a while longer. They are however making it increasingly difficult to do certain things. Not so much in PEI, but at the Federal level, our socialist PM is pushing hard. I’ve been working from home for the last year and a half and I barely go anywhere, all those years of preps and gardening payed off during the first six months. I had Fibre Gigabyte internet installed in January so I’m all good.