I Am Opening the Lifetime Membership for 20 Members Only — 29 Comments

  1. well what a conundrum,

    wait and see if my badge designs wins the contest (which i doubt, but a dude can dream) or take you up on this great offer…..

      • A fair deal it is indeed good sir. Unfortunately I just got rear ended by a soccermum who “just realised” her insurance had lapsed. There goes my spending money for the week

  2. I’ve been enjoying my MSB status for several years — even more since you so generously offered the Service Discount. I figure that the lifetime cost would get me 10 years. I’m in my 70s, so I’ll leave the space often for some of the younger preppers. Keep up the good work!

  3. only 3 responses? That is terrible. While I am working on debt and would rather continue year to year I expected a lifetime membership to be $750-$1000. At $300 it is a steal! Jump if you can afford this very reasonable price for lifetime membership.

    • Well the comments don’t dictate the numbers, we are at about a dozen and counting on takers on the deal.

  4. It’s a shame men of Honor are rare these days, you and Rob are shining examples for the rest of the world!

    • Thank you, after 5 months of having my name literally shit on, you have no idea how much that means. Words can not express my gratitude for one sentence in text, it means more then I can ever explain back to you so all I can say is thank you.

    • jack.
      i agree whole heartedly, after 4 years of listening to you and hearing results from all your hard work i could care less what one guy says about you or what his followers say. i am an adult and can think for myself and i think our community is far better off without those people in it! dont ever let the world get you down you rock and i personally would do business with whomever you endorsed because of your track record.

  5. I have wanted this option for a long time (I think 4 years now): back when Jack was still in the Jetta and had the good old “Ass Clown” of the day and (can’t remember the title now) the good guy of the day. I miss those picks of the episode. Unfortunately, I am working my way out of debt and following the priority purchase principles. Looking forward to the opportunity in about 2 years.
    Thanks Jack for all you do. You have helped me diversify my knowledge and thought process immensely.
    From Montana,

  6. With the recent decisions wrt Mr Gray, I have no interest. I disagree with the CEO completely on his decision there, and while the rest of the podcast is a major success, that is also major. I’ll be go with the flow MSB.

  7. I would remind all potential life members also that apparently there is no board, or well, Jack is the board and CEO for life. If you’re ok with that, fine, no problem. Personally, I don’t like buying stock in a dictatorship, no matter how benevolent it is nor if I agree with the dictator 95% of the time – those 5% times could screw you. 😉 But hey that’s me.

    • Its not a marriage dude, its just an opportunity to reap the benefits over a long term for a low price. Just because I might buy in, gives nobody any dictatorial powers over me. I can later refuse to participate at any time.
      Its less of a commitment than boarding a cruise ship, since I am not locked in and could exit at any time by ceasing to participate, try that with Carnival! While I certainly respect your right not to participate, I don’t see how its any different than a go with the flow membership, other than the term and price.

      • Oh and Josh I don’t make it highly public it is in an email after you join, but all Lifetime Members are given my personal cell phone number. So much for a “dictator” huh. I mean those guys always want to have you able to get in touch and tell them if something is in need of change or if they need anything. Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini all great guys like that huh?

        • I’d sign up, but I bought in to the dictatorship last time. Maybe its the accountant in me, or a sense in optimism about my projected life span, but when I have the option, I like the lifetime, pay once option, Have lifetime memberships to NRA, GSSF, TSRA, and MSB among others. If I ever decide I don’t like what they do, I just quit.

    • I don’t know what your issue is with Rob Gray or Jack in this regard. From what I heard the biggest ‘whoops’ Rob made was in not having a sidearm on him to defend himself from captivity while in Florida. They used deadly force to detain him. He was probably head and shoulders over the legal standard for defending himself in most states.

      From what I heard, Rob was victimized by a psycho partner and a wannabe mafia-esque company. If things go well with his Chapter 11 reorganization and he becomes the whole owner and manager of the mint, I’ll buy some sentinel silver from him and Jack.

    • @metaforge, what the hell are you talking about? Lifetime MSB has nothing to do with anyone liking or not liking something I might say on the podcast. It also has nothing to do with Rob Gray.

      Frankly sometimes I wonder why you are still around here especially as of late?

      MSB isn’t “stock” it is a discount club membership and a way to support the show. The program is now over 4 years old and the only thing that ever changes is I gain you guys new discounters. No one has ever not one damn time joined and then emailed and said,

      “hey the value isn’t there, I want a refund”

      Now a few teacups have gotten their panties in a wad and cried over something said on air and told me my “show was going down hill fast” or some other such nonsense. They then canceled their membership or something like that and told me I would soon be penniless. Perhaps something to that effect.

      Generally I give these folks a refund even though they never ask for one, one guy was a member two years so I sent him 100 dollars, every penny he ever put in. I then pat them on their upset little heads and wish them the best in life.

      Now by God if that doesn’t sound good to you don’t join, lifetime or otherwise. And if you ever get your nose too bent, let me know you can have your money back, I don’t have any need for any support by anyone that doesn’t want to be part of what we do.

      As for dictatorship, that is so false. Ask the forum admins and mods the last time I dictated anything, the zello community the same question, etc. Here on my blog in my comments section, yea, I am dictator, as it should be.

      Frankly though this blog and the MSB are separate, membership in one doesn’t give you any special powers or privileges in the other.

      Now that I think about it the handful of teacups with bent noses and poopy pants that cancel MSB are mostly made up of people pissed off that they got their asses banned in the forum and I won’t fix it for them. Now I could fix it, I could question the mods, I could examine the case and yea this is MY SITE so I could easily say unban this guy or do it myself but I NEVER HAVE, not once.

      Frankly as to your dictator comment, LOL, here is a movie line for ya Chip, “cram it up your cram hole”.

    • Metaforge isn’t a hater. He is pissed off and a community member in a time out until he stops throwing a tantrum. LOL

      • I noticed. 🙂 Every venture has at least one. When the start posting whois records you have to at least think they may be considering trying to hack someone… >_> Just a thought as it happened at my work recently.

        • He was upset that I commented back that my question was answered in the context it was asked in, and went on my blog and posted some nonsensical troll snipe. Since his post triggered an email (my blog is 99% dormant while I’m doing both work and school full time so I set all comments to moderate to keep spam out) that included his location, I told him peace and don’t let the desert sun get to him. He claims that was a threat somehow and posted my site’s whois as if I’ve ever hid who I am from anybody. He’s normally a decent guy, and nobody pulls an all nighter flaming like that unless something is up, so honestly, I just feel for the guy and hope he works it out.

  8. I’m proud to be a TSP lifetime member and an NRA lifetime member. I consider it giving back to two important causes in my life. I think there are few of us in this community that would deny the huge benefit that Jack’s daily efforts have on our lives. MSB pays those bills and keeps the lights on. And we all need TSP more and more every day….

  9. I wish he had an option to become a super supporting member or whatever and then still be a regular MSB member. Maybe like MSB Gold or something.

    Oh by the way Jack, what ever happened to mastering the 22 rifle? I found your landing page…. 😉

  10. Jack, from a UK based lifetime member I wish you continued good fortune with TSP and the MSB. Your guidance and encouragement since listening from episode “fifty-something” was the reason (now debt free) I could make the lifetime investment in the MSB last year, so a more than fair return. My sincere thanks and best wishes for the future.