I am on Vacation, Starting Now — 12 Comments

  1. Jack, Dorothy and Josiah,
    Thank you guys for a treat tonight. It was awesome to visit with you all. It never stops to amaze me each time I come by your house and witness transformations that happen there. The amount and variety new trees is just amazing.
    Have a safe and relaxing vacation you two and Josiah best wishes to you and your wife on upcoming new adventure in VA!!!

  2. Like others, I’m wishing you guys a great time: you’ve both earned it!

    Also looking forward to revisiting some of my favorite episodes in the down time. Today I’m listening to 1214 “Life After Awakening”. I’ve got some other favorites lined up.

    Anybody got suggestions of their favorites?

  3. Awesome, thank you for the discount Jack and Diego.

    It was impossible to see all the speakers so this will allow me to catch up on those sessions I wanted to see but missed. I’m enjoying the Permaculture Voices podcasts as well.

  4. Enjoy!
    A word of encouragement for you:
    Had trouble with mp3 player so got way behind. Fixed it and am now up to Dec 2013. Jack I can’t tell you how much more sane I feel driving around america listening to back-to-back episodes of TSP as I catch up.

    As a MSB supporter I found (finally!) aw way to avoid the evil I-Tunes and download directly into mp3 player, so anticipate several more weeks of back-to-back Jack before I get caught up.

    THE RUB: Come renewal time, I never ask for a discount (sale or prior service, which I am) because the reason I became MSB is because I want you to have the money, so I pay full fare. So you can keep doing what you are dong. You are changing the world Jack, more than even you can imagine.

    Thank You !

  5. Jack I miss you. Hurry back. Hope your having a great time you deserve it.