Episode-2615- Hydroponics for Preppers and a Quick Corona Virus Update — 6 Comments

  1. What is the place to order from?  It sounds like you say Pspaz, but I’m sure that isn’t right.

    Loved the episode on hydroponics…I used to do it outdoors.  Knew the scientist from Cornell who started/promoted the NFT concept.

  2. I’m also rubbing my hands together with anticipation at the bargains to come. I moved mostly to cash last month… not really expecting this rapid a downturn, I just felt the coming coronavirus-related secondary economic ripple effects weren’t priced in yet by the market. I’m looking at last night’s carnage and adding some things to my long-term wish list.

    As to empty store shelves, I actually did the opposite… I showed pictures of our big store/supermarket in Mongolia’s capital several days after a local buying panic AFTER THE SHELVES WERE RESTOCKED. The point I tried to make was that these things pass and don’t get caught up in the herd. Maybe it’ll take longer for some US stores (Americans on average have more money than Mongolians to indulge in panic buying), but aside from face masks, hand sanitizer, and a handful of disinfecting/hygiene products I expect the store shelves will get back to normal in a week or two.

    We got some of that ‘US bioweapon’ conjecture here in Mongolia, and I had to explain to my wife why that is extremely unlikely… in short, I expect there ARE some sociopaths in the US gov’t who would happily entertain the idea, but the extreme difficulty in keeping the secret and keeping it from affecting the US & allied nations makes it a non-starter. On the other hand I can entertain the possibility that COVID-19 was a bug being used for research (as opposed to a deliberately-engineered bioweapon) that accidentally got out of the Wuhan bioresearch center, but I’m not going to just assume that without evidence. I’m of the mind that spending lots of time speculating on this is time better used dealing with the present situation and anticipating near-term difficulties (and opportunities)…

  3. BTW, it seems like Mongolia MIGHT have its first coronavirus case… a French man (as if the French don’t get enough shit already! ?) who came in last week from the Moscow flight and happens to work at one of the mining companies in the south of the country (article here… translation blows but it’s enough to get the point). Sounds like they’re closing the roads in/out of the capital again, and they MAY shut down some in-city traffic too for a time. I expect most of the potentially exposed people are at the mining facility in the south, but apparently the gov’t here is still pulling out all the stops in the capital.

    I’m not worried, and we’re about as prepared as we can be. I expect there will be another temporary buying panic today, and that’s fine… I don’t need to go to the store for anything. I’m going to just kick back tonight and have some beer. Our kids and their grandparents are outside the city at the countryside property… sucks that we’ll be cut off from them for maybe up to a week, but they’re well prepared too and it’s good to have the grandparents distanced from the majority of the population.

    Have I mentioned yet how great it is to work from home and for myself? I have to give credit to you Jack for giving extra inspiration in that regard, so thanks!!!

  4. I started my Mason Jar Kratky, about ten days ago.  I tried Kratky a couple of years ago with Romaine, until the overwintered chili plant next to it, contaminated them with Aphids.  This year I have 3″ net cups, clay pebbles and 1 quart mason jars filled with Coir.  Cilantro, Blond Romaine, Spinach, the purple choi you mentioned (from Baker Creek), parsley, Matchless lettuce, burpee bibb and black seeded simpson.  I find the Kratky in coir more forgiving with older seed than a traditional seed starting mix.  I’m using Remo Grow 2.3.5, 1/2 tsp per quart.  Not sure if that’s going to work or not, but it did for my initial attempt in my HDX totes.

  5. I busted out laughing at 25:35!

    Thanks Jack, your blunt commentary is always appreciated.