Episode-2715- Living Boundlessly and Hustling for Your Best Life — 2 Comments

  1. An awesome young man right there. That is what I want for my kids as they grow up… that drive and a sense of purpose. Or at least a strong internal drive towards exploring and finding that purpose, whatever it ends up being. It took me a long time to get those qualities “back to normal” after my school experience subdued much of it, but by then my teens and half of my 20’s were over. I’d rather not have a shitty school experience waste their time during (and after) their school years.

  2. Was going to skip this episode, glad  I didn’t. This is a bright young man and I enjoyed the interview. Jack, you challenged him where maybe he was naive. (heck, he’s 18) I thought your discussion on the usefulness of Apocalyptic Fiction was good, my wife (who does not like End of the World books) read One Second After. The thing that she remembered was having to eat the dogs. Yeah, more than a weeks worth of cat food seems like a good idea. More canned food for us; yeah , not so crazy.