Husky Folding Razor Knife & Game Winner Pistol Cleaning Kit — 15 Comments

  1. @Sojourner Looks exactly the same except for the branding. I figured it was a private label item. To bad it costs double via Cabellas but at least people with out an academy near them have an option.

  2. Cabelas does have the pistol kit, looks identical to what you have there, but twice the price of course. Still seems like a good deal at $10. And I have a similar knife made by Craftsman, but it is ridiculously massive and heavy and the blade holder was not made very well (hard to change blades).

  3. @Doug DuBois, yep check the comments above yours. I think we were all posting right about the same time. LOL

  4. I just noticed that Harbor Freight has one of these knives with the Pittsburgh name on it for $6.49 in their latest flier. You might have a look at it Jack, if it’s the same knife this would be another source and a little cheaper to boot. harborfreight dot com, search for 90802.

  5. I was just wondering if anyone was able to find this cleaning kit on the Academy website. I search and could not find it. I would love to buy like 20 of these for friends and stocking stuffers. Any help would ne appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. I’ve had a kit like this for years. I did get it at academy but not sure it’s the same model (mines plastic). It’s a great little tool. If I don’t want to bring a whole range kit all I need to grab is my gun, this kit (which I stick some patches inside), some cleaner and targets.

    The only downside to it is that it didn’t have a screw in base…it just pushes in and as you might expect from a made in china POS, it got loose over time. It was useful enough that I might consider biting the bullet and buying the $10 metal one from cabela’s.

  7. I have 3 of these Knifes (Different Brands) All 3 work great. I have never found A small pocket knife I like to carry until I found one of these. If anyone is like me and does not like to carry pocket knifes check one of these out they are amazing.

  8. A quick word of warning. I have used the various brands of that knife and I do love them. The button mechanism on the Husky can wear out and fail, it happened to both mine and a friends. When it does the blade randomly falls out of the knife, just be aware of this. I had a Schefield one that has the fold over mechanism and that never failed but was so tight I sliced my thumb locking it. Over all these are very handy and I would never be without one.

  9. @ Jack,

    Awesome, thank you. That looks to solve my only issue with the razor knives, bulk. Mine are usually left in the car unless I know I will need one. I would actually wear the EAB consistently, greatly increasing it’s usefulness. I see more Gerber in my near future.

    BTW, I’m sure you know this but a human thumb is quite capable of saturating a vehicle with blood when laid open with a razor. I was impressed by my ability to recreate a horror movie scene in my front seat without anything having to die, namely me.

    Thanks for all that you do Jack.

  10. The quick change blade setup on the Husky knife sucks, the blade WILL come out when doing any kind of rough work if you don’t have a piece of tape disabling the quick release system.

    Fortunately there are many variants of these knives out there that have a better blade retention system.