Episode-2171- The Hunter Gatherer Homestead — 7 Comments

  1. Wait: are you telling me that Fred Flintstone didn’t work a forty-hour week in a quarry?  < mind = blown >

  2. Check out the movie The God’s Must be Crazy, comparing the bushmen of the Kalahari of Africa to the “Civilized” people.    It sort of looks like a documentary but it is fantastically funny and has some wisdom to it if you are paying attention.

    Here is a  clip describing the ‘civilized’ people.   Good stuff starts at about the 33 second mark.

  3. Somewhere we have a picture of the bed of my great uncle’s Ranchero mounded with Morel mushrooms.  =}  Now it does hide a bed cover, but still a lot of Morels!  They freeze too.  Rinse, slice, and place on cookie sheets.  When they are solid, the can be bagged up. 

     I for one don’t mind hearing the littles.  I’ll reference Dr. Suess.  “People that matter don’t mind, people that mind don’t matter.”

     I feel for you on the de-ducking.  We are de-hogging for the time being.  Hard when I grew up with 100 sows and raised their offspring for feeders and butchers, but farrowing isn’t working with our current schedule.  Down to just one pig now, destined for the freezer.

  4. Excellent episode. Not quite a month ago I wrote in my garden book that I needed to approach the garden this year with more of a foraging mindset: planting, tending, successions, and preserving can quickly become too much. Many good and helpful ideas in this episode, as well as encouragement to simplify. Thank you!

    • What the hell are you talking about? First Jason hasn’t done a podcast since 2012, second Jason started his show after becoming a listener to this one. I never lift content from anyone and what was presented here isn’t even close to Jason’s sthick.