Episode-956- Mike Hughes on High Volume, Self Diagnostic Firearms Training — 13 Comments

  1. Excellent discount Jack. We use the Laser Shot system for training. Auto reset laser firearms are pricey and Next Level Training are known for putting out a great product. I will be using this benefit.

  2. I just found you. I listen to Preparedness Radio Network but have been looking for something I can download to take on my bike or the gym. I will list you on my site for downloadable prepper show links!

    I have a lot of listening to do to get caught up. Thanks for all this useful info and keep up the great work.

    Prepper Recon

  3. SIRT pistols are a fantastic training tool. If you train with a group of people, have everyone chip in and get one, and then share it. Good stuff.

  4. My anniversary is coming up… i think i know what i’ll be asking for. The MSB discount may help make the sale 😀

    Mike, if you are reading these comments, will you be coming out with a Springfield XD SIRT Model?

  5. I went to go purchase the AR Bolt and the note on their website states that it will not work with 2-stage triggers. Looks like those of us with Geissele SSA triggers will have to wait for an update down the road.

    I guess I’ll be patiently waiting for the M&P SIRT pistol and (hopefully) an updated AR Bolt in the future.

    Either way, huge thank you to Jack and Mike for making this happen. Great show today!

  6. Well I have a question about the SIRT AR bolt. This would be specifically training for short range tactical situations correct? Because if you let’s say set up a 200 yard target and was using the SIRT AR bolt your laser dot would be perfectly straight out of the barrel without compensating for bullet drop. If you aimed at the exact same spot with a live round, you would be hitting low right? Maybe I’m not understanding something. Can anyone help me out?

  7. Never mind!
    Green dot goes to 200 yards plus, red dot to 50 yards. Adjust the laser to your optics. Hence sight adjustable. Feel like an idiot.

    • @Travis,
      You could also just figure out the angular difference at the distance you’re practicing and dial in the appropriate # of clicks, since the laser has no drop. It would mean setting your irons to a different # than the actual drop, but basically no impact on your training. This would also mean you don’t have to re-align the laser for every distance 25, 50, 100 etc. You would just dial in the # of clicks from the base you’d worked out, and voila you’d get POA=POI (for the laser)…
      E.g. for irons
      If you have 1/2MOA clicks, it’s 1/2″ per 100 yds per click.
      If you have 1/4MOA clicks, it’s 1/4″ per 100 yds per click.
      So if your laser’s 2″ low at 50 yds and you have 1/2 MOA clicks, then dial the sights [2″ / (1/2″)] *(100yds/50yds) = 2 * 2 * 2 = 8 clicks (base up).
      Depending on the scope you have, this might be easier than adjusting the laser.

      I’m pretty excited about getting the AR Bolt version…

      Anyone here used this yet and able to comment on how tight the alignment remains? (I have been very disappointed by the alignment stability of the LaserLyte products, though they are cheap via Amazon).

  8. Question for Mike or anyone at NLT:
    What’s the timeline for additional models? I use the HK pistols, generally SA/DA or P7… The closest common gun I would use is the M9 (slightly different SA/DA, some crossover, also I have to qualify with this pistol occasionally).
    So… I can imagine a lot of these skills would transfer over (e.g. with the G17 SIRT), but if you’re near to releasing the M9 SIRT I’d probably get that instead.
    Any advice?
    BTW, I love the degree of thought behind your products. I’d investigated building a similar training system and found the issues with retrofitting live pistols to be considerable. I think your approach is very smart and sophisticated, and I hope you are highly successful!

  9. Hi, All!

    The SIRT pistol is awsome! Wanna train to point shoot? SIRT
    Having trouble with trigger control? SIRT Ammo too expensive? SIRT
    I got the AR bolt, but am having trouble getting it to work. Mike is 100% correct, 10 minutes and I was frustrated. Did not know about the 2 stage triggers. I will give it another try.
    Worth every penny…..seriously….gonna get an XD when they come out.

  10. When watching Top Shot, Mike was my favorite from that season so it was wonderful to hear him on TSP. He brings a very formulated, technical approach to training that made me practice much more from just watching him on the show. I could tell this strength was brought into the development of the SIRT system. Thanks Jack for interviewing him and thanks Mike for setting a great example and showing the importance of training.

  11. High point of the interview for me was when you guys touched on the “let your ass hang out there” training mentality. This is CRITICAL. This is the key to progress in any area of life. Being honest enough to tell people where you are deficient and seek help. Confrontational honesty will get you far in business, in relationships, in prepping and everywhere else!

    Let that ass hang out there!

  12. I have been using the SIRT for a little while know. Incredible tool. I find very beneficial in honing a multitude of skills and establishing muscle memory. I loaned it to a friend who is now reluctant to give it back. Mike and his business CFO/training partner Britt are top notch. When I had a problem, they went above and beyond making it right.

    Thanks guys!!!