Huge Patch Sale at TSP Gear Shop — 4 Comments

  1. I received my S.O.TECH backpack on Friday. Very, very well constructed indeed. With the MSB discount this was a great value considering how long I expect it will last.

  2. I never quite understood that ‘Tactical Mennonite” patch when I first saw it on TSP a few years ago. That particular denomination is very much aligned with pacifism. Not sure why the patch would have a rifle on it.

    Anybody have any background on that one?

  3. Jake – The Tactical Mennonite was just a nick name of sorts for the owner of Safety Solutions Academy. He used to have quite the Mennonite styled beard. We have trained there several times and added him to TSP Gear shop to help promote his projects. Much of the beard is gone now, but his training company has only grown, and I would highly recommend it.