Huge Deal for MSB on “The Soil Cube” — 15 Comments

  1. There’s a discrepancy between the discount posted above (50%) and the members’ page (20%). Thanks for the deal.

    • That is because this is a special, use the code you will get 50% until he sells out or the week ends.

  2. Reminding me of that price/value bell curve you talked about on Monday. I couldn’t ever justify spending $25 on this. Dude seriously priced me out and I’ll just make my own. Cool product but I consider it to be something in the $10 range.
    All the best.

  3. already sold out..

    you can put your name on an email list to know when they’re back in stock

  4. Darn, just got home to find out it was sold out already. Still interested, may have to break down and get one anyway.

  5. Thank you all… I had no idea that there would be such a HUGE response!
    I discounted the Soil Cube Tool to my cost so I could get some reviews on amazon. We sold out a boatload in less than two hours… amazing! I will be happy to send the discount out to MSB folks later when I get inventory back to amazon in a few days. Dustin, David, and everyone else, just fill out the form and I will let you know. Ian, COGs, shipping, and amazon fees is more than $13…!!

  6. hmmm, where do we go to get on the email list? here? or somewhere else…I missed it out and about and was looking forward to purchasing this item.

  7. Add me to the list of folks disappointed you sold out so fast. Where do I send my email address to be on the list for your next MSB sale?

  8. Hey Clayton,
    I run a FB group on Private Label FBA for Amazon. I noticed your listing could use a bit of polishing… if you’re interested, I’d be happy to pass along best practices I have learned about how to max out your listing and some advanced techniques to raise sales… feel free to contact me.

    I also hold weekly google hangouts – Amazon Hangouts – live webinars where we interview successful AZ sellers.. .I’d be happy to send you links to replays as there is a wealth of information on how to improve sales… cheers,

    jakerobinsonrvp at gmail dot com

  9. Hey Jake and Jesse,
    Just use the link in the MSB and it will take you to the form and I will let you know when it is back in stock with the discount code.