Episode-340- The How, What and Why of Permaculture — 6 Comments

  1. My father wants to know how to read your articles.

    He is deaf, unable to follow your blog the way he used to do it.

    It\’ll be a great help to me. That way I dont have to write him the details.



  2. I agree with Ozzie Radakovich. I love the podcasts, but also have problems with audio and would love to read the entire cast instead of listening. Thanks for doing what you do.

  3. Great episode.

    I am currently in the process of looking for my first home to purchase with ~2-10 acres in the midwest area. Options include completely cleared land, land with a small pond, land with a small stream, partially wooded land, mostly wooded land, land with some sloped/hilly areas, wooded land on the side of a 30% grade hill, and some combinations of the above.

    I would like to be able to implement permaculture techniques. Prior to this episode I was trying to locate relatively flat, partially wooded land. But it sounds like sloped areas would be a good thing. Any ideas for where can I learn more about what features of land to look for?

  4. This was a great episode, trying to find his videos in order and in one place SUCKS!

    Do you have a link to where this method is teachable. Meaning ….. taking a piece of property and making a plan of what and how to plant?

  5. Lots of GREAT information in this podcast. The part about not tilling the soil is a big one. Running the roto-tiller and weeding for the rest of the growing season is what stops a lot of people from gardening. Mulch is a huge time and water saver. Use it.

  6. About rabbits, they will strip the bark off pruned branches making the branches preped to become kindling as it will dry faster. Food for the rabbits finished products for us.