Episode-63- How the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out Will Happen — 15 Comments


    Why should my hard earned money go toward a CEOs retirement?

    Define “execessive executive compensation” would 50mm be excessive, 40mm, 10mm?

    I had to close my business down due to the economy,, I want my executive compensation too!!!

    Why is executive compensation even being discussed?

  2. I completely agree with those comments to a degree.

    No the executives of these big companies should not get golden parachutes or big salaries and I even think and have said they should have retroactive seizure of past bonuses if they take this money.

    The problem is we are all now watching the shinny quarter of “executive compensation” and other talking points while they push this bail out on us. When finished it will become the largest grab of wealth and power by any nation in the history of the world. Making us more communist then China and Russia.

    Not only should there be no money to send these failed CEOs off in style, there should be no bail out at all. But it will come on Monday morning presented to us as our salvation, the sheeple will all bah obediently and in the end the common man with take the loss and reap none of the profit.

    Be prepared for hard times, bail out or not they are comming.

  3. I believe you are right. The bailout will come regardless of what the people want. And none of the underlying issues that caused this mess will be resolved. And the crash will be as bad or worse even if it is put off a few weeks, months, or years.

    Look at the fall of the soviet union. When the government began reform to try and avoid collapse it simply accelrated it.

    If they want to spend $700 billion how about they spend it on public transportation, renovating our power grid and our water infrastructure.

    Either way we will find out how rigged our voting is come Nov. I have this feeling that the polls will themselves be a bloodless revolution. And more and more people are talking about the third party. More and more people taking off the partisan blinders and realizing that the Dems and Repubs are exactly the same crooks.

  4. This is ridiculous!
    I am noticing all the news channels pumping the public with scare tactics just to convince the American people that this bail out is necessary.
    What a load of garbage!
    They keep blaming the people of this country for these problems..nevermind it was George Bush that put us in a war that costs BILLIONS..nevermind that it was Bush that blocked all proposals for alternative fuel research which allowed them to raise prices of oil to such levels that no one could afford to pay their bills AND BUY GAS FOR THEIR CARS SO THEY COULD GO TO WORK!..nevermind that it was Bush that got on T.V. and told the American people everything was fine..nevermind that Pelosi just mentioned openly that this money would NOT GO TO HELP AMERICANS THAT LOST THEIR HOMES..nevermind that
    Washington Mutual (just one of many) PAID THEIR NEW CEO A 20 MILLION DOLLAR PACKAGE AND THEN TURNED AROUND TO ASK THE GOVERNMENT FOR A BAIL OUT..nevermind that this bail out legislation would go to help ALIENS to purchase foreclosed homes of AMERICANS..nevermind that the President is now trying to STEAL PUBLIC TAXPAYER MONIES TO PAY FOR PRIVATE INDUSTRIES THAT HAVE LIED AND CHEATED FOR YEARS AGAINST THE PUBLIC OF THIS COUNTRY.
    nevermind all that..
    just give King George what he wants or else we will all have to pay.
    Nothing at all to do with the government elected officials that have proven time and time again to be the real enemy to the American people!
    And now..under closed and secretive doors..they try to hatch another plan to harm each and every one of us!
    I say hanging is too good for them!

  5. I thought the market would plunge on friday too! Boy were we wrong.. still trying to figure out why it didn’t. I suppose the rape of the assets of WaMu had to do with that.

  6. @blitzedrx7,

    Yep I do blow some calls and I blew that one. Now looking back it makes sense. Clearly the market is as confident that a deal will come as I was.

    Bet on this though, if we are not done or very close on Monday you will see some slipping.

  7. Jack,
    I just don’t get it. Why are you votng for a third party when you seem to dislike Obama and Joe? By voting for a third party in this election is voting for Obama. I know you’re not too crazy about McCain but he’s tons better than Obama.

  8. @GlenM,

    Glen if I were in Ohio, Pennsylvania or Florida I would most likely hold my nose and pull the lever for McCain. But I am not, I am in Texas where McCain will win by at least 15% of the vote or more.

    Neither of them will even spend a dime to campaign here. So voting for McCain is more “throwing my vote away” by not making a statement then voting for Baldwin or Barr.

    Further as long as we buy into the “throw your vote away” lie the two party cabal will retain a strangle hold on our country.

    Were people that voted for Bush Sr. against Clinton or perhaps Dole vs. Clinton throwing their vote away? Everyone knew Clinton had it in the bag both times so wasn’t voting for Bush or Dole a thrown away vote?


    Was a Democrats vote for Mondale in 1984 a thrown away vote?

    We as a people must at some point realize that if we want change we can’t just walk the line of the lesser of two evils at some point.

  9. Understood loud and clear. I appreciate all of your efforts on informing your listeners. You’re right that change must start at the grassroots level and hopefully it’ll catch on. The ideas that you have expressed on your show has changed my views. You’re doing a great service. Keep it up.

  10. Mr. Spircko wouldnt you rather have McCain than Obama though? Like if they came to you and said you can pick McCain or Obama wouldnt you rather have McCain?

  11. This podcast is messing up my listening schedule. I found it about a week ago and now I am trying to listen to all the back episodes which cuts back on my other shows. The podcast makes me feel that I am less in the tin foil hat society.

  12. @durpree,

    Yes I have said many times if those are my two choices then I would pick McCain. The deal is though I think we need out of these foreign wars.

    Obama is getting the anti war vote but he isn’t anti war at all. He wants to bail on Iraq and then turn the Afghan war into another Vietnam for real! The reality is we are cleaning up Iraq nicely and it isn’t that hard to do with the right manpower which we have now. I would have preferred to not do it at all but now that we opened up the can of worms we need to finish it.

    On the Afghan war, the lesson we need to learn is taking Kabul has always been easy, holding the nation is a disaster, ask the Russians.

    I don’t really want either of them but yes again between the two McCain is my choice. I like that Palin gal but anyone that thinks she will have a real shot at the top job is kidding themselves. No party has held the White House for 4 terms since FDR.

  13. Jack

    Another great show!

    You have mentioned on several shows “safer investments”…

    What do you consider is a “safer investment”.
    Note: understand you are not a Financial Advisor, just wanted your opinion.


  14. And just heard this tidbit:

    — Mortgage lender Bradford and Bingley confirms it will become 2nd UK bank to be nationalized since current financial crisis