Episode-2280- Show Plans and Homestead Updates for End of Summer 2018 — 7 Comments

  1. So glad the ducks ? are coming back. I love watching them and watching you interact with the ducks and turkeys.

    I live in Maryland next to the Chesapeake Bay. We’ve lived for years with Rockfish (striped bass) fishing restrictions. The charter boat captains were thrilled, now that fishing is great who shows up but a dolphin pod or two. Good eating. So now that fishing competition is fierce, the charter boat captains are offering dolphin ? watching tours. Less work same money. Taking lemons and making lemonade.

    Looking forward to future YouTube and Podcasts.

  2. Nice episode. I can’t wait until I get my house to implement my plans, crafted in part due to your shared knowledge!

    • It has been and will continue to be 500 with 100 down and balance at the event when you show up. This year I may up the deposit to 150 with 350 due at the event. Simply because the Friday is going to be real expensive for me on food.

      Also this year may have a 50 dollar add on for some Swag. I am thinking a Mule Mug or two, a flask and some extra shot glasses or something not sure. People that do that will just tick a box so I know how much to order and bring the extra to the workshop.