Paul Wheatons Amazing “Homestead Bundle” Package — 7 Comments

  1. Not having any luck purchasing the homestead bundle from the Permies website, even at the higher price of $65.00.

      • Hi Beau, thank you for responding. I am unable to use the link provided as it dead-ends me on the Permies page requiring me to re-register my e-mail; however, the Permies page will not accept my attempt to provide a new e-mail.

        Unfortunately I cannot send outgoing e-mails in order to contact you privately. I can receive e-mails but not send them X 11 months. A Luddite to be certain.

  2. If I purchase and download what is the total approximate size (in Gb) of all files and videos?

    I’m thinking it would be great to have, but I don’t want to count on my computer hard drive to store everything for a long time. So I’d want to put it on a SSD drive or a DVD data disc to be able to save it for many years to come.

    Any idea of the size of everything together?


    • Hi Robert –
      The video content is all streaming, rather than download, although certain ones have upgrade options for download.
      The eBooks and others are downloadable files.
      I don’t know the total size, but we try to compress each of the files to the smallest size that does not compromise quality. Some of them are as small as 2-25 megs, and just a couple ranging up to about 100. I would guess the downloadable content is no more than a gigs or two.

      • Beau,

        Thank you for the quick and detailed reply.

        Do you know many total hours of video there is?

        Thank you again!