Episode-1191- Holy Crap I Just Found Out Everything Isn’t Super – Part 2 — 11 Comments

  1. Want to talk about ballsy criminals, Ed Hindey a wealthy restaurant owner and radio talk show host in Houston, had criminal come into his house in broad daylight with his grown daughter and grand daughters in the house, this guy was so brave he barely missed being seen by her, then locked himself in the master bedroom for more than 20 minutes then just slipped right back out with a couple guns and jewels….if it weren’t for the surveillance cameras they would have never had a clue what happened,,,this is very rich neighborhood, they caught the guy in Arlington…he had a house in Waller and when they raided it they found over 2000 pieces of jewelry alone..they said the guy had been on a spree for years all over the US…it can happen anywhere and as Ed said there’s a new breed of criminal out there and they are fearless

    • Oh I forgot to tell ya, the reason no alarm went off when he slipped in the back door is because they were remodeling a front room the guy noticed the workers knew the alarm was off and slipped in the back door

      • This month robbers hit the post office boxes with window were ripped open. Shannon, you’re right. They are fearless ( and sometimes stupid). It’s a new world. ________________________
        Jack, most inspiring talk ever, with all the layoffs, people are being broadsided. This talk is so important. Hopefully, people will buy extra when they go shopping to add or start a pantry and start putting in money aside to replace their income. In a split-second, boss says,”You’re laid off,”and then how much you have prepared is the difference between living on food savings plus savings account and sheer terror. A dirty house, a dirty car, smelly clothes can be because you can’t afford the soap; it’s not pretty.

  2. Once you go Lithium Ion you will never go back…I changed my Porter Cable drills and saws over to Lithium Ion and I have never regretted it…I have a battery sitting next to my charger that has been sitting there for over a year..once a month I put it in the charger to make sure it’s fully charged and it hasn’t lost any of it’s charge in over year… no comparison in my book

  3. Storing first aid, medical supplies and equipment is a good idea even if you personally may not know how to use all the stuff. Our son is a paramedic firefighter, our daughter in law is a ER nurse. They are so used to heading to the doctor or ER for medical assistance they have very little in the way of first aid etc at home.

    When the SHTF I’m pretty sure they, or someone else like them, will be able to use my supplies.

    In Greece there was a time when medicines down to aspirin were not available. In a situation like that anything medical I have would be in high demand.

  4. Great mini series Jack. Perfect to ground those who are on the journey and to refer FNG’s to get started. Keep it up brother.

  5. Classic. So true. If you don’t care enough to be ready, why should anyone risk their lives or use their energy to come save you? GREAT episodes.

  6. Hey Jack – Great show! I know it is the intro/beginner/welcome summary, but I think this is the one (well, two…) to have my wife listen to and maybe she will ‘get me’ and all this prepping stuff. I know you probably don’t get a lot of fan comments on these type of shows, but keep doing them! Never hurts to bring the new people up to speed, never hurts to go back to basics.

  7. Jack-LOVED this two-parter. Thanks for providing a show I can share as a “starter to TSP” with family and friends. Very powerful stuff.

  8. Apologies for the delay. The Holy Crap Worksheet has been updated to include the stuff from part two. You can view it here, and download a copy to fill in by going to File > Download as.