Episode-1903- Thoughts for the Holidays and Nine Mile Farm Plans for 2017 — 18 Comments

  1. “Screw Politics … ”

    Jack you always do. That’s like saying for you water is wet?!?!?!!?

  2. Hi Jack,
    I can’t seem to find the episode where you gave your basic brine recipe and I need it before Thursday, can you tell me again was it 1/4 Cup brown sugar, 1/4 Cup salt to 4 quarts water? Is this right?
    Thanks so much for your help!

    • To the half gallon (two quarts), 1/4 cup of salt and 1/4 cup of sugar, I also add a big handful of black peppercorns and about a tablespoon of mustard seed and if I was doing turkey with it I would also add some sage. Say 6-10 whole leaves or say a tablespoon of dry sage. Be careful with dry sage it is easy to over do, though that likely wouldn’t hurt anything in a brine in other things you can over do it easily. Which is why I prefer fresh sage.

  3. To explain a word in the history segment, “Avarice” (AV-uh-riss) is one of the 7 deadly sins. In that context it means “greed”, but I was using it as the name of the demon Avarice, just as Dr. McCoy used the word in the movie “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”.

    Doctor Nichols: Transparent Aluminum?

    Scotty: That’s the ticket, Laddy.

    Doctor Nichols: It’d take years to figure out the dynamics of this matrix.

    Doctor McCoy: Yes, but you would be rich beyond the dreams of Avarice.

  4. Jack,

    You mentioned 30 bird runs being managable for you because you could transport them. How exactly do you transport your birds? Dog crates? Poultry crates?

    • Dog crates right now for the turks, but I could build a few wire cages with hog rings and cheap stock for that many chickens.

  5. Jack,
    I was listening to one of the grass fed life episodes on permaculture voices and Darby Simpson mentioned two different hatcheries that he utilizes, if I remember correctly he utilized these two hatcheries listed below because their meat bird breeds were much better suited for pasture, specifically more active at foraging. I guess the usual Cornish cross is lazy and has a tendency to have health problems. I know Darby has been on your show and I thought this might be useful to you.

    S&G Poultry – Heritage White –

    Schlect Hatchery – Strain of Cornish Cross he (Darby) is using now.

  6. Jack, you invited more gift ideas. I make several of the things you describe, and also jams & jellies, salsa verde (from tomatillos and/or green tomatoes), and chili-garlic (“rooster”) sauce. I’m beginning to make more flavored vinegars: fruit, herb, and spice. The Flavored Vinegars booklet in the Storey Country Wisdom series is a great little source. These vinegars are not only great on salads and in cooking but also mixed with club soda as a refreshing summer drink. Super easy to make, very expensive to buy: winner.

  7. I just graduated my first turkeys; 6 Narrangansetts! 2 given away, two frozen and two deep-fried for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!

  8. Some of the ideas from our home were Salt dough hand prints painted into snowmen for ornaments, a rosemary lemon zest infused olive oil, dried herbs from the garden, and like you mentioned home made vanilla extract

  9. Re: limoncello. I’ve been making this for a few years but never tried it with vanilla bean (saw this on your youtube channel). I’ve used orange peels for orange-cello. Friends have loved it when I made it with lime (lime-oncello). I’ve heard cantaloupe is good also. Haven’t tried that one yet but will be on the list.

    I usually peel the citris fruit with a fruit peeler. I feel I lose to much of the citrus oil if I zest.

  10. Thanks for the great gift ideas Jack! When I was a kid I remember my mom making toffee along with other Christmas treats. That toffee was amazing. Well she stopped making it and a few years ago I decided to rekindle the magic and learn how to make it. I did and people loved it! It’s really not that hard when you get the technique down but people were amazed. They ask for it every year now. This year we have decided to try and sell some and make a little holiday money. Who knows it might turn into a little side business. Thanks for all the encouraging work you do!

  11. Woah, $4/bird for processing? The place near us is $2/bird for chickens. What is the price for other people?

  12. Gift Idea
    We have been making Tie blankets for family members and embroidering a quote and their Name and the year received. Very popular and my wife gets the fabric ect on black friday so is 75% off.

  13. Friends have just given me some conserved lemon in salt water, with recipes and instructions – beautiful presentation.
    I’m going to grow chia plants and put in nice pots, with info on the plant and how to harvest it.. works out to $3.20 per pressie, for the pot mainly.