HighSchoolPrepper – Lane Cooper – Interviewed Me for His Youtube Channel — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Jack,
    What a great interview with Lane Cooper (30 January 2016). Your
    comments about yourself and your advice to him were right on target.
    The biggest contrasts between you two was your verbosity and your
    volume. Lane will likely catch up with you soon. It is great to find out
    that there is hope for our nation’s future. Keep on trucking.

  2. Great stuff! Keep it up Lane. And Jack, way to go helping this kid out with as busy as your schedule is.

  3. This is the best answer to “What is the survival podcast?” I’ll be subscribing. Good work Lane. Thanks.

  4. Jack could you put a link to his youtube channel. I am impressed with the young man,but I am having trouble finding his channel. Thanks and good job Lane.