High Mowing Seed Give Away for TSP Listeners — 21 Comments

    • Why would a sponsor be required to listen? Do they do good work? Do they line up with the message of TSP?

      • They are not required but they do. So I respect that and give them added support as their customer. Clayfarmer was simply pointing out a typo, get the wad out of your pants man. LOL

      • Strange way to point out a typo. Wad? I like the seed company, but sometimes your not very socially intelligent Jack. I was trying to say it doesn’t matter if they listen or not it’s a cool deal, but whatever.

        • He made a joke, some got it, some didn’t. Text is the lowest form of communications.

          I also made a joke, I included the clever little LOL so you would get it, I guess you still didn’t. I can’t worry that just poking around with folks will overly upset them.

          Again text is the lowest form of comms.

        • For some reason I would guess went someone “cleverly” tells you to get the wad out of your pants it doesn’t make you laugh out loud. But like you say we both have productive things to do, sorry I said anything.

        • I guess my skin is thicker? Cause yea, I would laugh. Seriously have you ever served in the military, worked construction, done a round of golf with scotch and cigars?

        • I guess it didn’t feel like a round of golf or a job crew. Glad you got the original joke, I thought he meant a seed company wasn’t good because they messed up the name. I smoke cigars with friends, we joke on each other, I surf overhead waves, dig and fill multiple 40′ woody beds by hand, and am ready to defend my family and country with my ak and glock from here. Not a fan of taking orders from the commander and chief.

        • I was mainly being a smartass, didn’t mean to start a fight lol. But when someone claims to be a listener and then they get the name wrong (it was wrong on their site too, been fixed now), you have to wonder if they really listen, or if they’re just claiming to be “one of us” to drum up business. All of that being said, I’ve ordered from them many times and they’re a great company. I appreciate their support of TSP and the MSB.
          Oh, and Tim, get the wad out of your pants.

        • Well man, don’t apologize for anything, I got the joke.

          Anyway High Mowing is like a full on company with like more than one person. The two owners listen daily but the marketing person doesn’t and she was like I often am, just in a major rush to do one more thing.

  1. AWESOME and entered! Love this company I order from them too.

    JACK – what kind of tomatoes work well for you here in the DFW area? I had a pretty rotten year last year. I hear solar flare works well but I cant seem to find it anywhere.

    Last time I actually had a “GOOD” year I was living in Austin 4 years ago… now in DFW area too.

    (and yes I know its too late to start any new orders from seed unless Im trying to sneak in a fall crop…)

    • Blight has been tough in this area going back to about 2006 so that is the biggest issue for most around here. Celebrity is not blight immune but pretty resistant and a good producer. Roma does good for most but it is really a canning and cooking tomato but I really like it even for pico. Be diverse grow some tomatillos as well, they don’t get blight and do well here. Really build your soil health, use lots of mulch and encourage beneficial fungus.

      • THANKS for the response! I am going to mulch a lot more this year hope that helps. My maters are in raised beds with lots of compost/good soil sort of “mels mix” style. Last year I did brandywine (poor) Black Krim (did good but made flowers but no fruit when it got hot) Glacier, did good even when hot and came back in fall, and Celebrety which did pretty poorly.
        Thanks again for responding keep up the good work.

        • I’ve had good luck here in DFW with Cherokee Purple. Big, sweet, and very meaty. Last year, I couldn’t get a tomato for the life of me – I was trying to get mostly paste varieties and the weather didn’t cooperate at all in my neighborhood. I had plenty of vines to use for mulch this year though, just very few edible tomatoes.

          By the end of the season, we had plenty of green ones that I tried to ripen off the vine after the frosts but nothing came of that either.

        • Thanks Jeff… I used that kind a few years back with mixed results but man when they did fruit those were awesome.

          Ive taken the conversation on over to the forum… thread title “Tomato and Tomatillo Varieties and places to get them in DFW”

      • Thought I would add my observations, due to local conditions my whole area has had a problems with blight and little or no production. I however have had exceptional results with using 6″ of raw shreaded branch trimming mulch in my beds and greenhouse. Perhaps the mulch gave the fungal protection I had the idea of mulch for water conservation. not sure if this was a factor but the water used was from my septic system.( I know some say not to use it )Used Black cherry and Tigrella variety

  2. I adore High Mowing. Practically everything I grow is from their seed – great people, consistent strong germination and the plants grow out the way they are supposed to. That’s a sign of diligent rouging of the OP seed stock that you often don’t get with the bargain basement big box seed. So wonderful to see this connection between High Mowing and TSP.