Hemp Magik Joins the MSB with a Massive 20% Discount on CBD Products — 4 Comments

  1. Sorry to be dense, but can someone explain the 3 strength choices of 600mg/20mg, 1200mg/40mg, 1800mg/60mg?  What does each number actually represent, since if this is supposed to be a ratio they would all mean the same thing.  Are they all the same sized bottle?  Thanks!


  2. Take the 600mg/20mg for an example, the larger number (600mg) is the total CBDs per bottle and the smaller number (20mg) is the total CBDs per serving or ml. There are 3 flavor and 2 size options (1/2 and 1 ounce). Hope this helps! Blair

    • Okay well two totally different things on that.

      1. The good news is that there are NO intoxicating effects from CBD oils. Zero, zilch, none! So it won’t make you stupid at work, you won’t look stoned. You will certainly be in better shape than say taking a prescription pain med.

      2. The not as good news. CBD oils can cause false positives on some drug tests. It depends what the employer tests for and how they test for it. Some old (cheap) tests only look for canibinoids and you will pop way high on that type of test. Some specifically test for THC, the stuff that gets you high. Very small trace amounts do exist in hemp derived CBD, so if your company drug tests, you need to be aware of it and ask them about their policy.

      If number 2 is a concern as long as they only test for THC and that still concerns you I would look to the CBD coffee we also have in the MSB. Here is why, that product used a distilled CBC oil, ie 100% CBD and no other canibinoids. This removes the “entourage effect” which I wish was not the case but as long as a company only tests for THC, I can’t see this ever causing a false positive.

      Flatly we need state governments to get on board with total legalization of this now federally legal substance. If companies want to do drug testing fine, but at this point given the legal status of CBD and the total and complete lack of any intoxicating effects, the onus to test properly should be on the companies. Sadly at this point it isn’t, so use caution.