Help Out Good Friends of TSP Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy with their Kick Starter — 7 Comments

  1. I like the idea of cast pieces since they will hold up better than paper. Will they do one of you Jack that would be cool for those that donated at the $351 level. lol
    Good luck on getting the rest for the stretch goal.

  2. Hi Jack/All.

    I know this is off-topic so if it needs to be moved please do but I saw this post and thought it might be a quick way to get some good advice. I plan to cross-post in the forums as well.

    You might have heard about the massive tornado that wiped out two towns in Central Arkansas. That was in my back yard. It was close enough to my house I was making minute-by-minute decision on whether to get my own family in the storm cellar. I had friends affected. Co-workers. People lost their lives…

    Anyway right now I would like to put together an order for medical supplies. First responders often purchase medical supplies out of their own pockets. The local volunteer fire depts are tapped out. I’m not asking for any money I plan to fund it myself.

    Does anyone (maybe dr bones/nurse amy) have an idea of where/how I could get good prices on this type of stuff in some bulk? I don’t know anything about it really. 4×4 bandages, stuff like that. If not then I’ll be purchasing from Amazon, I can get 2-day shipping from there.

    Any advice on stretching my dollars would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  3. My wife and I just got a chance to play SURVIVAL! My daughter and son-in-law run a tabletop gaming website and got a review copy to play. We’re going to play a couple more times and then they will post a review on their site (should be before the Kickstarter campaign ends). You can like their Facebook page: search for Initiative:Tabletop and watch for their review!