Help Me Name a New Chicken Cross — 83 Comments

  1. You want them to bob and weave? A producer in the barnyard hopefully well muscled enough to produce for the pot? I love the idea.

    I propose:

    Barnyard Boxer or
    Egyptian Harrier

    • Except it will never be spelled or pronounced correctly, trust me I know. LOL

  2. How about, “The Isle of Rhodes Fayoumi”?

    OK, OK so the Isle of Rhodes is Greek and not Egyptian. But, go back far enough (Pangea) and they were practically the same place!

  3. I’m not too good at this but here are a couple of easy ones:
    1) Red Egyptians
    2) Egyptian Islands
    3) Chickants
    4) Texas Cross
    5) Jack’s Raider

  4. “Ginger Youmi”?

    If things don’t work out, maybe try a Welsummer instead of Rhode Island Red. Welsummers are dual meat/egg layers, mild mannered, good foragers, and make great big eggs. They are less common that Rhode Island Reds, but I find them superior in every way. They are also nice to look at – nice red and brown color with really neat golden manes.

    • Might work I have also considered running this cross with a Buff Orpington Rooster.

      • I had Welsummers, unfortunately they were also jerks. Orpingtons are fantastic though.

    • Well I am not for redoing done work BUT that breed has nothing in common with what I am doing.

  5. Hmmm…Fayode, Fayrhode, FaRho, Redoumi, Okrips Cross.

    Thanks for all you do, Jack. TSP has been great help to our family over the last few years. We got our first chickens (three buffs) a few months ago. Loving every minute of it!

  6. Elephantine or another Nile river island in since it a cross between Egyptian and Road Island reds.

  7. How about “Sex-link Survivor” for a name. Your female looks exactly like the Sicilian Buttercup hen that I have, but without the distinctly buttercup comb.

  8. Simply call it the Spirko. Named after the man who created the breed, but also representing an improvement in the practicality and production of the chicken.

  9. Rocky Reds – after the character in Chicken Run, because you know they’re going to be escape artists 😀
    Have a great day!

  10. Rhodoumis is what it should be. Sticking to the way thoroughbreds are named when crossed. Then the next generation would be what ever if so choose.

  11. How about simply “Survivor”?
    Some other options:
    Red Runner
    Homestead Red
    SS Red (SS being Self Sufficient)

    I also thought about “ForYouAndMe”, like a play on Fayoumi, lol!

  12. Fayrhodon

    Derived from Pharoah (top guy in Egypt) for the Egyptian Fayoumi. Rhode Island is derived from the Island of Rhode (derived from Roses / Rhodon) in Greece.

    So it’s a play on combining Egyptian Pharoah with Fayoumi and Rhode/Rhodon. (And gets a slight tip for sounding like pteradon (winged toothless)

  13. Egyptian Rouge

    What about crossing with a Belvedere: tough birds, mild and sweet, good layer of brown eggs.

  14. the Rhodester? or Red Ramses (keeping the RR initials with a nod to the Egyptian heritage..)

  15. I would call it:

    Rhodoumi Red
    Rhodoumi White

    or whichever color stays most constant with the breed.

  16. I like the suggestion, already made, for Alamos.

    Look up Kraienkoppe, a breed I raised for over 10 years. It may already have most of the qualities you’re looking for, as well as being a phenominal mother.

  17. Rhode Runner.

    I love watching the road runners here as they run around. Sounds like what you want this cross to do.

  18. Jack, here’s my suggestion. Survival Pride. They are handsome birds. Looks like lots of us chimed in. Chickens bring lots of interest. Keep us informed regarding coop chatter.

  19. Jack,
    Aren’t you concerned about variations in the f2+ generations? Hybrids in chickens work just like hybrids in plants, and you may end up with a whole bunch of different chickens with different traits, that need to be “proven out”. Breeding them to a different bird for f2 will ev n further muddy the genetic waters. Won’t you end up with a bunch of totally different birds with totally different traits, producing totally different birds with totally different traits in the following generations?

    • Actually as I bred snakes for over a decade no I am not worried. Yes the F2s will be an unknown till they show up. Will they retain a sex link marking pattern? Don’t know. Will they gain or loose adult size? Don’t know. Will this increase egg size? Don’t know. There are a lot of don’t knows and my response to them is right now I don’t care, we will see when it happens.

      When you breed your F2 Cockrel to another F2 Pullet what will you get? DON’T KNOW, but it is the place to actually begin creating a new breed. It is actually just like plants. A hybrid bred to a hybrid will produce a mixed gene pool, about 1 in 6 to 1 in 8 will be very similar to the parent line. You select and rebreed. To speed this up I really need another set or two of genetics and cull for the same traits.

      Here is a pattern of African House Snake I developed this way back in my snake days.

      It is the result of a High Veld Pattern Capensis to a typical Mid Continent Maculatus (dotted pattern). The claim was the two would not even produce fertile offspring. As you can see the results were not just doable but quite stunning.

      In that case the F2 took about 3 generations to begin proving out at a rate over 85%.

      Birds and snakes have a lot more in common then men and monkeys.

        • Fair enough Jack!
          Maybe you should do a show on breeding animals, because you have talked a lot about your plans, but you haven’t gone into much detail on what is involved, and although you are experienced at breeding, I bet a ton of your listeners aren’t and would love to know more.

        • And it’s too bad there is already a freedom Ranger… Woulda been a perfect name seeing as you have tsp and the traits you are looking for…

        • I agree Jack you should do a show about breeding! Also My vode to a breed name is Diamond Jack since diamonds are red. At least the card suit is. LOL

  20. Fayoum is a region in Egypt, and that add the “i” at the end to indicate that its from that region ,, so I would suggest FayRhodi !