Episode-548- Help – I am Overwhelmed and/or Stuck — 6 Comments

  1. Jack,

    Not a complaint, but felt you should know. This episode’s download into iTunes took more than 10 minutes. I downloaded other podcasts at the same time that took mere seconds.


  2. I really enjoyed this show.

    Your Disaster Probability and preparations is much like FEMA’s Hazard Review programs and their “All Hazards” approach.

    The All Hazards theory is that all hazards have a lot in common in things you can do to mitigate them, prevent them or speed recovery. Much like “you have to eat every day right?”

    FEMA offers FREE (to you) on line training that is very useful and does not take more than an hour per course.

    I recommend: IS-271 Anticipating Hazardous Weather and Community Risk; IS-230.a Fundamentals of Emergency Management; IS-235 Emergency Planning; and IS-393.a Hazard Mitigation.

    If your work place wants you to take “continuing education” (like the Army does for me) these courses count. And you get a nice printable certificate after each one.

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  4. Excellent show, back to basics, and a great refresher for those of us new to this. I think that show you found on the radio must have been Coast to Coast AM. I love that show, it gets somewhat ‘out there’ on some topics, but it’s cool to hear what other people believe and think about the possibilities.