Episode-2698- Almost Everything the Government Says about Health and Nutrition is a Lie — 18 Comments

  1. The only reason I can’t totally stop listening to government is that they have the power to send a cop to my door to haul me in if I misbehave in their estimation.

    This past week I have been looking into the progress of not only corporate control but the push to worship science as our new religion, with social ostracism for lack of “faith.” Human rights of all sorts tend to drop out as this campaign advances.

    The fallout of this includes the health problems Jack is talking about here. And the health problems cause financial problems as he also mentions. For the corporate world to give us bad nutritional advice is a form of theft. The biggest problem I can see with keto is if someone in corporate figures out how to make meat so scarce that most of us can’t afford it. After all, it appears that part of their mantra is population reduction!

    There is supposedly a “secret” plan to change the direction of this push. But if you are really serious about your personal freedoms in the near term, take precautions as Jack suggests.

  2. What is the website for the blood work Dr, Jack speaks about on here, and on previous episodes?

  3. I remember hearing some brands of vitamins are better then others due to absorption, quality, etc. Some are all the same.

    So, is any vitamin D and magnesium ok? Can we grab it from the Dollar Store or are some brands better? 

    Great show Jack, thanks.

    Travis in Kentucky

    • I try to go with manufactures that seem to be quality. The brands I linked to are all solid but many are. I would not buy shit from “The Dollar Store” simply due to how old it may be and no idea as to the temps it was likely stored at. (hot)

    • “I remember hearing some brands of vitamins are better then others due to absorption, quality, etc”

      no matter what the container says about “product of (wherever)”, .95 of the ingredients are manufactured in china.  some of it will be good, some of it will be worthless, some of it might be toxic – the chinese don’t care what it is so long as you pay.  and even if they are heavily supervised by western inspectors and put out a good product at first, as soon as the supervision eases up then they’ll start substituting cheaper or worthless or even toxix substances first chance they get – they’re so predictable about this that there’s even a term for it – “quality creep”.  remember the melanine scandal – if they don’t care about poisoning chinese kids they definitely won’t care about poisoning us.

    • Look for USP or NSF certification.   The USP verifies that the product contents match what is on the label and that common contaminants aren’t in the supplement.  It also tests to see if the pill breaks down in the body.  NSF has a program that allows manufacturers to certify products, which is called NSF Certified for Sport.  It’s a rigorous testing process that tells professional athletes (and everyone else) that a product contains exactly what the label says, that there are no contaminants and no masking agents in it.   I look for the third party verification when I pick supplement brands, as some types of products (creatine, for example) are notorious for odd contaminants.

  4. Seven years ago I was over 400 lbs, totally addicted to food, filled with so much guilt, self loathing and a sense hopelessness. Long story slightly shorter, I got my shit together, began a total life change by eliminating sugar, starchy vegetables, breads/grains and eating a high fat, good quality proteins and plenty of green leafy veggies.

    Within in a year and a half I had lost over 150 lbs! I was the able to donate a kidney to my father. During the process all of the medical teams I encountered were shocked at how great my “numbers” were, how I wasn’t on any meds and how I was in “perfect” health.

    So if you are struggling with a food addiction or just can’t seem to shed the weight you want to lose, please try a keto/low carb diet. ITS LITERALLY LIFE CHANGING.


  5. I am 73 and have been in nutritional ketosis for about 8 years – blood serum ketone level is always. between .5 mmol and 1.5 when I get up in the morning.  One aspect of this diet which is basically just meat, fish, eggs, green vegetables, etc.  is the athletic performance implications.  The carbs versus fat metabolism issue has been around for decades relative to sports performance.  You can go read Noakes’ books, or Volek and Phinney if you want to see the history.   I am an endurance exercise type of guy because I have cycled all of my life.  At the present time I will eat the night before, but nothing the day of the ride.  The ride generally goes 50-70 miles.  Although I did 100 two weeks ago.  Here is the remarkable thing about emphasizing your fat metabolism, you never deplete your glycogen.  I can sprint just as well at 50,70,or even 100 miles.  There is no bonking, and mental clarity is sustained, if not sharpened as the day progresses.  I only consume water.  Additionally, the recovery time is cut at least 50%.  You feel like you have done something, but aches and pains are very minimal.

    Noakes points out in one of his books that 50,000 years ago an African bushman could chase down an antelope, mid day on the savannah, for hours until the animal was exhausted.  So, the point here is that it is in your genes.  You have evolved to do this, and what has happened not only with the government SAD, and the recommendations of the sports food and drink industry is a perversion.  Either train yourself to get away from the lies which seem to come from every angle or you will end up chronically diseased and prematurely dead.

  6. Hey Jack You say take Vitamin D3 – morning, afternoon and evening is that just one pill three times a day?

  7. Jack, based on your podcast about starting keto a year ago, I started November 1, 2019. Have plateaued at 155-157 pounds which is down 45-47 pounds. I feel great, and look much better. 4 inches out of waist, had to buy new clothes.

    My wife has type 2 diabetes. She basically ignores it, except for taking Metformin and insulin every day. She rebuked me, saying “you NEED some carbs, and keto will make you sick.” I replied, “I will believe you when it works for you!” I don’t care about living forever, but I want to be active and with it for as long as possible.

    Our daughter is a Nurse Practitioner with a PHD in Nursing, and she agrees with you. Type 2 diabetes is epidemic today.

    Thank you so much, Jack.


  8. I understand Dr Steven Gundry will take 150,000 IU’s of vitamin D for three days straight if he feels a cold or virus coming on.

  9. Such a pleasure to see a pic of you and your wife! I usually just listen on my iPhone podcast app and don’t get to see the photos. I really enjoy your perspective on things. I am a Canadian, history buff, self sufficiency buff… my mind is blown about D3- I have been pigging out for ages like I am in constant feast mode. I do some intermittent fasting. But when I start to eat it is hard to stop. Now I might actually have a concrete answer as to why! I have kindle unlimited so I can’t wait to read the book.

  10. Welcome, Jack, to the keto bandwagon 🙂   AND, congratulations on your fabulous health improvements!!  I changed my way of eating 11/1/1996 at the age of 43. I have lupus, and I was facing beginning a pharmaceutical journey I did not want. I decided to make lifestyle changes first: no sugar, grains, starches or starchy vegetables, no industrially produced seed oil (soybean, canola, corn for example), no highly processed foods. Falling off the wagon many times I began to eat meat, low carb veggies and fruits, God made fats like butter, lard, olive oil, coconut oil, bacon grease. I promised myself I could eat when hungry. I lost 82 pounds and I have kept it off. 85% of my lupus problems disappeared. I take NO prescription meds for it, and I only take Aleve or Ibuprofen a couple times a year. Cardio lab numbers are fabulous: cholesterol: 212, HDL 119, LDL 63, Triglycerides 51. I’ve always been amazed at people skeptical of the government on many aspects trusted it on health info. I feel so much better that I would never consider returning to the standard American diet

  11. How many iu or mcg of Vit K2 is correct per day?
    If taking the Mercola combination, you have 5000 iu vit d3, and 180 mcg vit k2 –
    so that would end up 1080 mcg if taking 30000 iu – 6 tablets.