Episode-1831- Nick Hazelton from An-Yak on Self Directed Learning — 5 Comments

  1. Best of luck with the yak milk. If you can pull it off, I suspect it could be quite profitable if you find the right buyer. I have some friends that are cheese snobs (yes they exist) and once they shared with me some yaks milk cheese. To them it was a holy grail of cheese…to me it was quite good, very flavorful.

  2. Sugar: The point which really drove the point about sugar home to me was just a simple exercise in arithmetic. On average we have about 5 liters of blood serum. A typical blood sugar concentration during some point in the day is 100 mg/dl. Take the product of the two values and cancel the units and you end up with 5g of glucose. If you don’t make a distinction between fructose and glucose, which of course is whole separate discussion, then you have 5g of table sugar, or a heaping teaspoon. So what happens when you eat 200, 300, 400g of carbohydrate per day? Initially your body can handle this, but over time I would not depend on your brain along with your hormones to be able to control this situation: to go from say, 1o0g of glucose to 5g in a short enough period of tine so that you don’t end up dead.

    Basing the US food supply on a non-essential macro nutrient has been a disaster, and all it takes to see this is simple arithmetic.

    • Of course many will say a carb is not the same as sugar, because they are brain washed to say it!

      My response is simply,

      If that were true, it would not be the case that if you ferment a pound of bread or a pound of pure sugar that you get the exact same amount of alcohol, but it is, and every distiller who has ever used old bread to make “fuel” knows it.

      See that is a fact, not a theory, we can prove it, it gets proven all the time. Every time some “fuel maker” scores free or very cheap old bread it gets proven.

  3. Could Nick Post a link on the Plaxius (sp?) for young adults to learn differently?


    I LOVE this podcast because I have allowed my kids to self educate themselves in high school using creativity to meet graduation requirements. One has decided to do a certification program in technology at the local college. Don’t fret, it works. She tested into all honors classes despite our approach. Kids learn if they are interested.

  4. can honestly say I NEVER thought I’d come to TSP to get music suggestions. Never heard of John Prine? That link alone is worth my MSB ‘fee’. This guy is incredible. Never heard of him until now. Absolutely fantastic. His song “illegal smile” is hall of fame material.