Have You Joined Grandaddys Gun Club Yet — 5 Comments

  1. Hey, I love shooting but none of my guns are special to anyone but me and I don’t plan to have kids at this time. I do support the cause. Is it appropriate for me to join even if I don’t personally intend to participate?

    • Absolutely and long term we want to establish mentorship programs for people like you and those with no one to guide them.

  2. Jack, the gun Club is a great idea! One thing needs to be changed,that is “only from my cold hands.” it should be”I’ll have their gun when I take it from their cold dead hands.” That is real “shall not!”

  3. Jack,
    This is the only episode next to the Veterans Day special that had me sheading a tear.
    Thank you for everything you do
    Attila Iklady

  4. I love the idea Jack. Keep up the good work. I am tired of it too. All my guns are important to me, enough to loose my life over it. Its really not the guns, its the arrogant ELITE thinking they have the right to tell me what is best for my family, when they don’t have any plans or cares for the future of child. Of course I don’t want to die fighting my own government. I have a beautiful three year old girl and can’t wait to take her shooting. The dumb average American don’t understand, they won’t stop with guns. Sorry to vent. I know you understand all this. I’m just angry at what is going on to our country. You do a great job and thank you so much. I will leave you with this. “You got to stand for something or you will fall for anything.”