Have You Heard About GenForward — 12 Comments

  1. Just to be clear: you haven’t sent out any emails as of yet, have you? I’d signed up for the list a few weeks ago and haven’t seen anything.

  2. above: “We will be funding GenForward with an Indiegogo campaign that will launch on Nov. 17th.”

    on “On Nov. 10th 2014 we will be launching an Indiegogo Campaign to bring that dream into reality.”

  3. I haven’t received the email update. I checked my junk folder and it isn’t there either. Tried signing up again but wouldn’t let me. Is anyone else not getting the email?

    • Well strickly speaking it isn’t an investment as the government doesn’t believe people should be trusted with the right to invest as they please. What we will be doing in selling memberships at a big discount in advance. Along with some ohter perks. Just make sure you are on the GenForward list and we will keep you informed about the coming IndieGoGo