Have You Entered to Win The Rock River Arms AR15 Upper Yet? — 10 Comments

  1. Just wondering, why the bolt-on front sight gas block if this is a complete build? At least it seems to be a bolt-on unit from the photo.
    There are more sturdy one piece gas blocks that can be used when not doing after purchase mods? (Assuming of course there was access to remove the flash suppressor in order to slide on the one piece gas block).
    Certainly not complaining as this is a giveaway, just curious.

  2. Many of us like the fold down front and rear sights for use with optics. The flash suppressor should be removable and replaceable as long as the barrel is more than 16′; shorter however they are brazed to prevent SBR taxes.

    • Certainly I like the flip-up sights as well. What I was referring to was the use of a two-piece bolt-on front sight block as opposed to the one piece units that come with factory deliberate builds. Usually the 2 piece blocks are for after-market mods where one can not remove (or does not want to remove) the flash suppressor. That’s why I was only curious as to why this item for giveaway has what seems to be a 2 piece unit if it is a stock factory build. For reference YHM offers the 2 types of blocks for the FSB, a 2 piece and a one piece that gets slipped on the barrel during a factory build before the flash suppressor is added on and usually pinned and/or welded.
      Again just my curiosity, it’s of course no big issue as who’s complaining with a free giveaway! 😉

  3. I am living overseas and used my parents address. My dad also entered would that affect the one per household entry ?

  4. Thanks for this great opportunity for the RRA Ar upper. I really appreciate what Jack does for us.

  5. Jack,
    When I follow the link to sign up on my iPhone all I can enter in my name.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Josh from the PRK