Episode-897- Steven Harris on Alternative Energy Technologies Part 3 — 16 Comments

  1. So if this is the church of Jack as Steve says, does that make Steve a deacon? Steven Harris – Deacon of Alternative Energy Technologies.

  2. Love, love, love Steven Harris!! My all time favorite guest! Thanks for bringing him to us Jack.

  3. Question for Steven Harris,
    I have a ’91 GMC Jimmy S-15. What needs to be done, if anything to make it E-85?


  4. Harris is always a great show… good info and when you have two with the “Gift of Gab”, always entertaining.

  5. @ Duncan,
    If you get a chance, listen to Episode 873 (Steven Harris; Alt Energy Part 2) between the 30 to 32 minute mark. Steven gives the answer.

  6. Thanks again Jack for bringing Steve back on the show

    God, that man is so knowledgeable on so many subjects

    I would love to hear him do an interview regarding his approach to general preparedness and food storage because as normal he turns everything you thought you knew about the subject on it’s head and makes it all sound so simple.


  7. What I would really just love to see is for Steve to do 5 minute YouTube videos where he just pops a gasket on all the stupid things in the alternative energy scene. I imagine he could make some nice side revenue just from the YouTube views!

  8. As an engineer, it’s pretty rare to hear someone like this with such insight and clarity.

    I knew hydrogen wasn’t the miracle cure, and have been amused about how the hype has evaporated like a mouse fart in the wind. But I also enjoyed hearing that it could be a tool some day when all the ancillary technologies mature.

    Like most things, it lies along our natural technological progression path and the environmentalists keep trying to push on rope.

  9. Hey there. That still system definitely sounds interesting. However I’m wondering what kind of uses the methanol has as a fuel. Gasoline additive? Lamp fuel?

    It seems like the still runs off of electricity to power the fan, in addition to heating the material. What’s the energy in / energy out ratio on that?

    I liked this interview and as a result am working my way back through interviews with Mr. Harris. So if my questions have been answered in previous shows, I apologize.

  10. A great episode , Wish you had more time discuss things more in depth .
    Anyone wondering about ethanol as fuel , the simple answer is you add about 30% more to the a/f mixture and depending on the design of the engine a bit more ignition timing . Another consideration is Ethanol doesnt have the lubrication quality of Gasoline so you need to add somthing to it protect items like your fuel pump , ATF works well . Your Fuel system probably wont last as long running ethanol as fuel as the materials used in fuel design differ from Gasoline to Alcohol . You also need to restrict the cooling system as it may never reach optimum running temp , again depending on the design .

  11. If he doesn’t like solar power and wood gasification requires a lot of wood! What should an off-grid home use for power?

    • @Prep Lady he would say solar for energy independance. Steve doesn’t hate solar for an off grid home, he hates it as a supposed solution on a mass scale. He has said the only thing more expensive then solar energy is no energy.