Happy Labor Day – Hope You Have the Day Off — 4 Comments

  1. Would love to hear how you can cook all that in advance, and then reheat when needed. Any details?

    • It isn’t hard, we cook, vac seal and heat and serve. We do lunches with croc pot style dishes and just use big roasters like this for heat and serve.

      These things rule. We just did 22 pounds of chicken each in two. Dead simple recipe using taco seasoning and rotel tomatoes, fresh lime juice and cilantro.

      Serving day we will add some more lime, cilantro and a jar of Mateos Salsa to each one, just turn em on about an hour and a half before serving time.

      We do roasted potatoes and carrots for Saturday’s dinner and use these for that too. Takes about 2 hours and they come out fantastic. Equal amounts of potato and carrot diced, fresh parsley, butter, salt and pepper.

      Most people use them only for Turkeys but man for making a lot of food they rock and will give you temps up to 400 degrees so they smoke a crock pot for speed.

  2. Wow all that food and great information. No show so we miss out. Joy’s of trucking and getting out of debt. May God Bless y’all.