Happy Easter – Reminder Last Day of the MSB Sale – spring14 — 5 Comments

  1. Jack
    I discovered you about episode 275 and have MSB since because I want you to keep doing what you are doing. I’m paid ahead for another year or so but when it is time to renew…. my comment is this:
    Why would anyone wanting to support jack ask for a discount?
    Sure, I could ask for the prior military discount but I don’t because you need the gas in the tank to keep the wheels turning and $50/year is a pittance compared to the delivery of your wonderfulness, knowledge, inspiration and just knowing there is someone out there reminding us that we are not crazy.

    Next time I renew I’ll mail you silver so it’s off the books. HA!
    Pseudo-Anarcho-Capitalists of the world UNITE 😉
    Wait, did I say that out loud? No of course not. I’ll use paypal.
    There, now the NSA computers are confused.
    The only way to fight the machines is GIGO garbage in = garbage out.

    • I agree with everything in the first paragraph before the pseudo-anarcho-capitalist babblings 😉

    • I have been holding off on signing up for MSB because I am very frugal and figured at some point there would be a sale on the price. Now I feel guilty, I love the show so much that the 20 bucks I saved feels dirty and I should have paid full price.

      • No way bro! Thanks for joining there is nothing dirty about buying during a sale.