Episode-2481- Half Acre Homesteading – Part Four – Plant Propagation — 1 Comment

  1. I enjoy episodes like this that deal mostly in practical matters.

    However, I caught an error a couple weeks ago. For better or worse, this has nothing to with the proper way to raise food or anything like that. It has to do with Man’s place in the universe.

    While from a biological point of view we were obviously “evolved to live close to the land”, there is ample evidence that, spiritually, this is not quite the case. This is a mistake that most environmentalists and “pro Earth” people make. In some ways it is a minor point, but in other ways not so minor.

    It is totally true that Earth is our current home, that most of us have learned to love living here, and that as long as we do live here, we need to help take care of the place. But there is ample evidence that this was not our first home; that not only have we lived on other worlds, but that we have taken other forms.

    Though this may sound fantastic, the evidence is there, and this is my point: It helps explain why we so often seem to be “not so smart” about this planet, and why some of us even brush off our abuse of her as some minor complaint not really worth taking seriously. It helps explain why this planet has a more difficult road to sustainability than some would expect, considering “Earth is our home.” We indeed have brought with us other habits of life that may not be as appropriate here as they might have been in other places or at other times. If Mother Earth doesn’t always seem to “resonate” with listeners, this is one reason. This is a real gap in our knowledge about our own past, and filling that gap with the truth would be a huge step towards solving the problems we are having here.