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  1. Looks like a cool product for shot-shell to shot-shell adapters but the shot to rimfire look like they need some sort of indexing for repeatability in poa/poi.  Maybe put the adapter in with the offset chamber either up or down and rotate it slightly until windage is correct and make your own scratch.  With today’s CNC machining, the centerfires should be fine.

    • I don’t think it is an issue, if it is a marking would be simple enough to add to always be in the same spot.

      this is with the cheap smooth bore, I set it to where he starts shooting so you don’t have to listen to him blather on about well, NOTHING

  2. Just listened show this last night. (I do not know much about guns, but I am interested in the possibility of hunting in the future)

    Am I correct in saying that a single barrel shotgun can be transformed into a .22 rifle by using a suitable insert liner ?

    Likewise can the same be done with a double barrel shotgun ?

    Would one need to up grade from a basic shotgun licence to a rifle licence to own and use this type of insert ?

    • First I know of no where in the US where  you need a shot gun vs. rifle license, even Illinois simply has a FOID card for owning guns.  In Texas, Florida and PA the three states I lived in there is no registration and licenses apply to hand guns only.  If you are out of the US they don’t ship international and what the law is regarding getting one into your nation, say if you visited the US you have to figure out.

      As to does it make a shotgun into a rifle, well sort of, it allows you to shoot 22LR ammo, but it is still a shot gun in reality and you have limitations on accuracy.  Hope this answers your questions if not ask further and I will do my best to help you.

      If you go to youtube and type in shortlane gun adapters you will find TONS of videos on them.

  3. Hi Jack, Thanks for reply, you have answered by questions 100%

    I live in Western Europe , which is mostly under EU/German  law now.

    Every year there are increasingly more detailed regulations regarding every aspect off life which eats time filling out stupid yearly forms as well as entails evermore yearly fees.

    Here in Ireland separate 3 year valid licences are required for Shotguns, Rifles , air guns (over 1 joule), cross bows.

    I think the fishing licences is yearly (not sure).

    The corporate media which is owned by big business here are even paving the way for introducing licences for bow & arrow kits (both home made or factory made) as well as individual licences for individual fishing rods.

    I remember you saying about a year ago that government is comparable to a plant or organism which keeps trying to grow bigger. At the time I thought it was funny and conspiratorial,  however in time I have come to fully agree with you.