Episode-1803- The Future of Gun Rights In America — 18 Comments

  1. Damn good show, Jack. I’m fed up with them too.

    I got interested in guns in the early ’80’s and I have N-E-V-E-R heard or read an anti-gun argument that was not based on lies to whatever extent. I know of no instance where they have told the truth about guns or ammo or existing laws, or laws they advocate. Does anybody? – because I’m curious as to what it was.

    The problem simply put is that we cannot argue with liars and people who believe liars. How do you argue with a shyster or ignoramus? You can’t. Call out the lies is all one can do. If the lies then persist anyhow, there must be some amount of mockery that will then stop the lying. I really don’t know how else to deal with the gun ban nuts. That’s what I do and it seems to work.

    As to this hysteria over likenesses and images of guns – it smacks of pre-scientific era superstitious, ignorant peasants being afraid of statues or whatever objects because they possess evil spirits or bring bad luck and whatnot. These fanatics spreading this irrationality are indescribably twisted. We have to stop them.

  2. I dont know if you mentioned it or not, but one of the best things you can do with a person who is a bit scared of guns is AppleSeed project.

  3. Great show Jack, when i grew up guns hung on the wall above the tv and respect them for what they were. Keep it up buddy.

  4. Such a great analysis, Jack. Thank you.

    I was recently at a new member orientation at a large gun range next to a large city. There were about 25 students and THEY WERE ALMOST ALL OVER 50!

    Let each of us take a young person to the range every year. We can turn this around, but it is up to us.


  5. I can hardly discuss this issue with anyone anymore because it seems like there is a very significant false flag or mind control aspect to many shootings and no one on either side is interested in hearing that .. I find it frustrating but that’s the way it is and I often don’t like to spend any time with people or topics that annoy me in that way

  6. Last month, I was blown away when an acquaintance told me he’d never shot a handgun. The guy is 26 and has every pro-Republican bumper sticker I can think of plastered on his car. So obviously I took him out to try out a few. He’s now planning on getting his concealed carry permit.

    Oh, and I’ll just leave this gem right here:

  7. During summer we have “Daddy’s Summer School”. I had to start doing it to counter act the government school lies and propaganda. I took to calling their social studies class , “socialist studies”. Anyway after listening to this I had to change it up. I brought the two nine year old girls in. I pulled out some guns. We went over safety. Range procedure . Differences between double action and single action revolvers. I brought out my Grandma’s Revolver. Told a great story about her and me and guns. Let the girls oil up the guns at the end. They had a great time. Took about an hour. Daddy’s Summer School

  8. My justification for owning and carrying firearms is that it’s my right, as a human being, to own and carry them. It’s bestowed upon me, not by a piece of paper with some political scribbles on it, but by the creator. Derived from nature. By the simple fact that I am a living, breathing, thinking being.

    Simply put, it goes against natural law to do anything more than ‘tell’ me that I can’t own guns, or I don’t need them. The moment you go further than expressing your opinion and do wrong unto me (ie stealing my property, coercing me to give up my property, or harming me because I choose to carry a tool), you have then broken the laws of nature. And according to those laws, I have the right to defend myself, my property, and my life if it comes down to it.

    The problem is that once the left starts to demonize guns and gun owners, it becomes a much easier pill to swallow when property (in the form of guns) is stolen, and folks are murdered for protecting their natural rights. It’s easier for the establishment to sell to the public that “these people need to have their rights trampled on, and killed, if needed”.

    Natural rights. That’s my reason. Anything other reason is none of your business.

  9. My wife never held a gun before she met me. Now she has her lifetime license and her own handgun. She wants to go shooting every weekend. God I love this woman.

  10. Jack, one of my favorite shows to date, and I’ve been listening for 5+ years. It definitely got me thinking hard about granddaddy’s gun club and getting a local chapter started there. My wife and I are going shooting this weekend, just because we can. We both love shooting and this episode reminded me, “it’s time to get to the range.”
    Awesome song choice, too. One of my all-time favorites. I’ve got granddaddy’s old Winchester Model 94 in .32 Winchester Special in my gun safe, and I hope one day we still live in a nation where I CAN pass it along to my grandson. Keep up the great work.

  11. I just can’t seem to calm down the fear I have about gun confiscation after what happened in Florida. I think I just need to divorce myself from the media for a couple of days. This has never effected me like this before Hmmmm.

  12. I just want to share an actual event which happened involving my 3rd son when he was in 6th grade attending a government school back in the mid-90s. I had concerns prior to this event, and so I had “volunteered” to daily attend last period of my son’s school day when I was back in town from college classes. It was a Science class. Well, one particular day I was running just a hair late. As I was entering the classroom (door at back of desks) I encounter the science teacher standing up ahead of the class all in their desks holding up a cardboard gun. She was VERY sternly and seriously preaching to this entire full class of 6th grade students all about how DANGEROUS this cardboard gun was. I sit down in a desk at the back as she is proceeding. Then I learn this cardboard gun is associated with my son as she brings up his name and his crime in bringing this to the class and in the school building. She then decides to stop preaching and makes comment to me publicly from front of class that I will need to speak with her with my son when class is finished. So when class is over I learn from my son that in English or Library class earlier the students were instructed to make something from their reading of a school library book using cardboard. The book he had been reading actually mentioned a gun or guns. So he made a couple of cardboard guns. Apparently the students didn’t have to leave their cardboard items with the teacher because on his way to Science class he and another boy were playin with the cardboard guns, pointing at each other or whatever. So, we get with the teacher who proceeds to lead us to follow her to the guidance counselor’s office. There the counselor and her begin to tell me how serious of a crime this has been, and how my son will need to serve out of school suspension and I cannot recall all what else. I just recall I thought they were frickin’ out of their minds! And I told them so. I told them how stupid it was and that they were paranoid. I attempted to reason with them, mentioning things like I bet a large population of the middle school all have water guns, etc. To this the science teacher replies, “I don’t know about you, but if my kids want to play with water they have to use buckets, never guns.” It didn’t matter to me what they said beyond this, I was not going to accept the punishment they were saying my son had to serve. So they call the big man Principle in, and all three of them are attempting to convince me this is a serious crime that my son was carrying a dangerous weapon on the school grounds. Its been a long time ago, and I’m just quickly jotting this down (I don’t have my notes from back then), but I made some kind of a lesser “plea bargain” with them which I believe made it so it wouldn’t be on my son’s record that he committed a crime having a dangerous weapon, that cardboard gun ya know. There’s more but this is all I wanted to expose for now. It is VERY true that our younger generations are being taught to fear guns, but not just real ones. F’n BS. Thank God my son is the man he is now, and these type idiots didn’t get their way with him as they tried.