Episode-1533- 12 Guideposts to Lifestyle Design — 23 Comments

  1. Hey Jack good for you and all your energy I’m too busy playing in the garden and promoting food forests and divestment to keep up with your posts so this is to salve my conscience for not being more interactive and say keep at it mate. I think we were both on Geoff’s 2013 course.

  2. While I fully support what you are doing, lately it has been difficult to refer your podcast to others because you seem to have got off the track, as compared with the VW days.

    Love Duck Chronicles but IMHO The Survival Podcast has become more like a soap opera and has lost focus on Modern Survivalist matters.

    I do not advocate backing up. I suggest moving forward.

  3. “You can cure fat, but you can’t cure stupid.” (Forgive me if I paraphrase.)

    Reminds me of Winston Churchill & Lady Astor:

    Astor: Sir, you’re drunk!

    Churchill: Yes, but you’re ugly, and in the morning I’ll be sober.

  4. Your talk at PCV2 to a full house could be heard in the whole building. with people cheering and empowered. Yes i say empowered. I too have felt your friendship in person. I thank you. I am empowered and this pod cast hit me on so many levels.
    change is hard. but you are the only one that can do it.

    Thank you my Friend.


  5. Jack, if taking a vacation results in the last three podcast that you’ve produced, i’d say take more vacations. They have been exceptional.

  6. In this podcast it was suggested that being true to one’s self is a key to life, and conformity is the enemy. Sociopaths if they just were going along being themselves to the utmost they could, society would probably be worse not better. Violent sociopaths have no problem with not conforming to society, and just find the legal consequences unfortunate, and something to be escaped, keeping them from being their true selves.

    • Sociopaths DO THIS ANYWAY, most of them are now running your life, for the love of GOD please focus on YOU!

    • In addition to Jack’s comment, please bear in mind that the average sociopath simply doesn’t care about anybody. They have no desire to control you, they just want to be left alone to do their own thing without interference.

      The mentality is different- and they’re bad at community- but it’s pretty similar to what all of us want.

      It takes a pretty extreme sociopath to become one of the power-grabbing controlfreaks Jack frequently discusses.

      • Indeed such sociopaths are high functioning and MOST sociopaths are high functioning. That is why they occupy high positions in the corprotacracy, the military and government.

        Remove the apparatus and they are not much of a problem, they are mostly cowards that impersonate alpha males using titles instead of actual strength to control others.

        The media has convinced you that all those scary guys in orange in prisons are sociopaths. Well, bullshit, humans are humans.

        Riddle me this Batman! Why does the US imprison more people PER CAPITA than any nation in the world, period?

        Did we get the vast majority of the sociopath gene pool? Really?

        Or have we created such a fucked up system that people behave in fucked up ways? Not to mention that we put people in jail for shit they should never go to jail for, ruin their lives and put them into the mentorship of real criminals at an alarming rate!

        The truth is in an anarcho community sociopaths are quickly identified and dealt with.

        • low functioning sociopath =
          dead or incarcerated


          not saying prisoner = sociopath

          saying the number one survival trait for the sociopath is the ability to hide their tendencies/intentions

        • ‘The truth is in an anarcho community sociopaths are quickly identified and dealt with.’

          I’d argue that in an anarcho community many sociopaths are simply left to themselves and don’t cause waves and are never identified.

          Those that overstep legitimate boundaries of behavior though? Yeah those are eliminated pretty easily.

  7. Thank you for articulating what my husband and I have been working towards these last several years. People tell me that we are so “lucky” to have land and jobs that may allow us to pay off our mortgage 10 years early (retirement debt free) and paid off vehicles, and a few toys, and the lifestyle that we find meaningful and enjoyable. Yes, there was some luck involved – but there was also a lot of self-assessment for my husband and I, a heck of a lot of work (both mental and physical), and a 5 year rolling plan. True, as they say, no plan survives the battlefield, but if one has a plan, at least one might know what direction one is heading in spite of dangers and distractions. Thank you for helping to clarify and reaffirm that we are on the right path for us.

  8. Just listened to this show on the way home from out of town. Good to hear some real truth! I know you are not relogious, but you are one hell of a preacher! If more “men of the cloth” put their all into “sheparding the flock”, church in this country would be a lot different (and probably outlawed). Getting of my butt now to build that seeding box and get the garden started in the great, not so white now, frozen (but thawing) north!

  9. Jack – Can you give that Mark Shepard quote again that you cited in this episode? It hit me like a left hook when I was listening to the podcast, but I was driving at the time and unable to write it down.

    Great episode, btw. You really must have caught fire while out at PV2.

    • Um I guess it was, “I don’t have to like you to work with you”. Not sure though.

    • Oh was it,

      “The biggest regret for most people when they are old and facing death will be that they were not their true selves during their life”.

      Because when he said that I was so grateful that I knew it would never apply to me.