Guerrilla Podcast from PermaCulture Voices — 25 Comments

  1. What is up with that video on AgriTrue? It’s… not like anything you represent, and I wouldn’t really consider it family friendly…

      • Gotcha. Looks awesome so far. I’ve got a few friends who either have farms (well their parents anyway) or are starting farms/permaculturesqe but I don’t think they’d be able to do the entire pledge right off the bat (maybe due to feed supplies or previous land use) but are looking to move in that direction. Is there a level for that? Like, AgriTrue transitions or something like that? Maybe with a guide to help with solutions/alternatives for what they are doing now.

        • Doc this is the exact situation I was thinking of when I brought up AgriTrue certified consultants!

          Jordan and I are going to draft up some ideas we have on the subject and I will email them to you.

  2. I’d like to sign up as a producer but accessing the website via an iPhone and I don’t see where to sign up.

  3. Go to ‘Producer Enrollment’… It is under the ‘Menu’ drop down on mobile devices.

    • I see what the issue was. I had registered before going to Producer Enrollment… I’ve got signed up on the Producer Enrollment side but getting an error on the Payment Plan. How can I contact you?

      The ‘exp_month’ parameter should be an integer (instead, is undefined).
      No payment plan selected. Please contact the administrator.

  4. Kevin,
    First – the site is in a beta stage… meaning we are working on finding any and all kinks in the system.
    Second – you are helping us in the process.
    Third – thank you for trying to sign-up!

    Let me look into the error.
    I’ll let you know.

  5. Here is where I like the idea of Agritrue.
    If I am using a Geoff Lawton compost chicken system using food scraps from local sources in the system I could not be organic certified because I cannot track all my inputs bet in reality is I would be better than organic.
    The manure I would get from a local cattle farmer may not be certified organic crap so I could not be certified organic but I am better than imported organic.

  6. Great Podcast Jack! Very exciting things are happening in Permaculture and I’m glad you are right in the middle of it to keep us all informed.

  7. Regarding AgriTrue

    I’m interested in subscribing as a producer. However, in doing things like feeding food scraps to animals, I am not guaranteeing that they aren’t receiving GMO in their feed. Is this a problem?

    Additionally, what is the cost of being a producer? I don’t see it on the site.

    Thank you.


  8. One of the folks that Jack interviewed mentioned a virtual currency based on permiculture. Does anyone have the weblink for that? Thx!

  9. This was an epic conference. Had a blast hangin with Jack and the crew. Very stoked about permacredits. If that week was any indication of how well this will be received then I’m very confident we r goin to do SO much good for the permaculture community and the world in general.

  10. Great podcast!
    audio sounded excellent. Looking toward future guerilla podcasts.