Episode-447- Guerrilla Gardeing for Fun, Education & Survival — 14 Comments

  1. Ha! I do audio for film/video professionaly. Trying to dodge planes and sirens is the bane of my existence. Too much noise pollution these days. Good luck with the new mic. I may be able to give you a few pointers to get better audio. Feel free to email.

    Thanks for all you do.

  2. Jack, Loved the show, the garden shows always rock. I have downloaded every garden show and listen to them on repeat. It’s better than watching TV.

  3. The tool with a hoe type blade on one side and pick/axe on the other is called a mattock.

    Thanks for doing the show every day. My wife and I always listen over lunch together.

  4. @Stefan, you are right and wrong, LOL. What you described is a matlock, what I have is considered a cultivator, my fault in the way I described it. It has a hoe blade on one end and three tines on the other.

    I don’t know if it really should be called a cultivator but it is what is says on the handle. ;>) A matlock may be a better tool for the job, I am looking for something tougher than what I have.

  5. We, North Carolina, call the tool with a hoe (small) on one side and a small axe type on the opposite side a grubbing hoe. I have friends from the mountains that call it a mattock. The dictionary also has mattock with a picture of \"our grubbing hoe\".

  6. Matlock and Mattock are interchangeable terms. TO further confuse things, either may have a pick or a axe on the opposite head. If it has a pick and a very thin hoe – it is a pick axe. Mattock seems to be the more common term. My Italian relatives all call it a ‘dago hoe’. A grubbing hoe is usually one sided – more like a traditional hoe.

    Some calls it a sling blade, I calls it a kaiser blade….

  7. Funny, I always thought of a “Matlock” as a charming, salt-and-pepper haired defense attorney.

    Shows what I know! 😀

  8. Colloquialism is alive and well in the USA.
    A Merriam-Webster illustration can be seen here.

    I have also seen illustrations of the aforementioned “cultivator” as well as ones called a pick ax. All called mattock. This is the first reference I have heard of a tool called a matlock. Learn new things every day. ;-}

  9. In a large open space park by my house, there is either wild, or Guerilla planted, asparagus growing all over. I picked some and had it for dinner last week, and the next day I noticed that there was a posted notice of noxious weed spraying for the park. People should be aware if spray is being applied to the weeds in the area they are planting.

  10. Spooky… I was just thinking about how cool a guerilla gardening show would be… great show!

  11. Caveat: property owners around here have cameras in their woods. One farmer was going around town with photos of someone hunting morels on his land, now he is being hunted by the property owner. Also state and national parks are guerilla-gardened by dope growers and have been known to guard their crops with fatal consequences.
    Nonetheless, a great show and a worthy endeavor. I’ve sowed many a wild oats myself.

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