Episode-2180- Growing Children in the Garden — 5 Comments

  1. That wolf video is a good way to illustrate your point but quite a bit of that video is untrue based on a few articles that have been written about that video in particular

    • Of the rebuttles I have read, they seemed to be mostly “rancher propaganda” and when I look at the claims of elk numbers declining to about 4500-5000 that doesn’t match what NPS says, well except during the winter when they fricken migrate.

  2. I am a full time garden teacher in Los Angeles. I work for a nonprofit, but we contract to install, maintain, and teach in the public schools. This is a great way to enact change in a large government bureacracy. I really enjoyed this episode, and i fully agree with the point. The garden is the ultimate classroom!

    BTW we are hiring. I dunno how many LA residents listen to yr show but feel free to share this info. And people can start a similar program in their own town, especially in warm climates. Thanks Jack!

    Here is a link to our program:

  3. A fantastic episode Jack, well put together, listened today during a big commute and it had me welling up in places. Sharing where possible, and will do my bit to enact a change.