Announcing the GrowNostr Initiative – Epi-3288 — 3 Comments

  1. Just spent half an hour trying to follow you via Nostr protocol. I’ve installed and Amethyst. I searched for “jack”, “spirko”, “survival” no results. Then searched your blog and then found this page and your public key. So had to open this page on my mobile and then copy-paste your public key and finally you’re there!

    PS. You have typo in your website – there is I instead of O in “podcast”.

    • Search for his public key


  2. Here is a new project announced to be build on Nostr.

    Civ Kit: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Market
    Nicholas Gregory, Ray Youssef and Antoine Riard
    • We propose a new peer-to-peer electronic market system, which enables censorship- resistant and permissionless trading between users of the global Bitcoin system.
    • This design builds on top of the new Nostr protocol for its
    peer-to-peer order book and relies on the Bitcoin blockchain as a source of truth for its Web-of-Stakes market ranking paradigm.
    Market trades are locked under Bitcoin contracts to avoid reliance on trusted third parties for dispute arbitration.
    • All market nodes are incentivized by privacy-preserving service credentials backed by Bitcoin payments.
    • This market system should enable global trade of any kind of item all over the world: fiat currencies, goods, services.