Greening the Texas Desert with Shaun Overton – Epi-3521 — 2 Comments

  1. Cholla – I think that’s the cactus you were describing Jack. They are also called Jumping Cactus or Jumping Cholla, because people think they will jump and grab onto you if you even walk to close to them, even without touching them. Viscous barbs on them. I’ve stepped on one before and it went through my shoe into my foot.

    They are segmented so they break into many little segments. You are right, they grow upright then tend to fall over. I think that’s part of their strategy to spread out and propagate, along with hitching a ride on passing animals.

    They have some edible and medicinal properties, but I still wouldn’t want them in my yard! I do plant nopal/prickly pear cactus though.

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