Ten Great Thinkers who Explain Our Modern World – Epi-3475 — 1 Comment

  1. I am not sure if it’s somewhat subjective, was Christ fighting against an existing system or establishing a new one? He died in the process and was crucified so maybe he was fighting against a system but he also established something different that lasted for thousands of years . When he was crucified maybe it seemed like he failed at the time but did he really? I would say no but it seems like it was a heavy price

    I think in similar terms as Bonhoeffer but I find it amazing peoples ignorance but that which is evil is also involved in the ignorance’s not just through what they may do but also in brainwashing and propaganda. Without the brainwashing, the ignorant would have a harder time being ignorant . I prefer the term ignorance rather than stupidity because perhaps it sounds like less of a put down and is how Buddhists describe it

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