GP-002- Guerrilla Podcast with The Zello Crew — 10 Comments

  1. • How would you approach dealing with, or preparing for composting meat and fats?
    • Thoughts on the M1.
    • What is your favorite recipe for the power pressure cooker XL?
    • How would you develop remote property with permaculture when I cannot be there?
    • What are vehicle / safety inspections like in TX?
    • Where can I get TSP copper rounds, or other cool xmas gifts for the kids?
    • Air grafted mulberry tree about a year old girdled by a rabbit, what can we do?
    • How to you get deer hair off your venison while you are processing it?
    • How would you single out a duck from the flock without stressing the others?
    • When would you chop and drop your 2nd year comfrey?
    • Would you cover crop new swales in CO in late October?
    • Plucking ducks, different than chickens, any tips?
    • Any updates on the Agritrue initiative?
    • 6 garden plants for the beginning prepper in the continental US?
    • Buying a used skid steer for Reg Ag, what are you looking for?
    • 5 plants to propagate to sell in a budding nursery business?
    • Health insurance, what do you use?
    • 5 perennial fruits or vegetables most people overlook?
    • For broadacre permaculture, Joel Salatin, Geoff Lawton, or Mark Shepherd?
    • Preferred carry and some thoughts on that choice.
    • Replacing 2 tires only due to budget constraints, which two?
    • How have your views evolved since you started the podcast?
    • Extra soup is one thing, if I cook a brisket, can I pressure can leftovers?
    • I’ve invested in several ventures but want better focus, what criteria would you suggest I use to choose those that desire more of my attention?
    • Thoughts on the Mossberg 500 for hunting home defense.
    • What’s the silver lining to high clay soils when you want perennial systems?
    • In sandy conditions how do you help keep moisture near the roots of your fresh plantings?
    • Why does the government try to scare us into being prepared on radio and TV while calling people who do prepare are painted as a domestic threat?
    • Any recommendations for a screen between the house and the road in central OK?

  2. All you needed was some guy trying to run you off the road and we’d have an old school mobile studio show. Good stuff. We used to have a forklift that we used around our place. So many things you could hey done with that thing. No earthworks, but storing everything on pallets made moving things around a breeze.

  3. Thanks Jack! Great to have you hang out with us Zello folks for a few hours. Next time expert council ?

  4. Jack mentioned an apple tree that will grow from seed and be good eating without grafting. Does anyone know what that apple tree name is?

    The question was: “• 5 plants to propagate to sell in a budding nursery business?”

  5. Regarding the TSP Copper Round, I was on vacation in AZ last month and visited Jerome. In the display case were 5-10 TSP Copper Rounds (I bought 2).
    So there were some left. I dont know the name of the shop.

  6. Response to composting meat:
    I used to work at a confinement hog farm. We had a big pile of sawdust in the back ringed in by round hay bales. Dead hogs and other organic material would be buried in there for a year or two. When spread with a manure spreader, even the bones would just crumble. Same general method the Salatins use as well, but I believe they tend theirs better.

    Just so this isn’t limited to farm scale, the root of this is if you balance your carbon and nitrogen, it works. To balance meat and expired animals (high N and moisture), you need a very high carbon source (IE sawdust/woodchips) to balance this or a lot of something with a lower carbon content.

  7. Re the road noise question plant Moringa oleifera……maybe. If it’s too close to the road, it may accumulate too many toxins for your liking, but it does grow really fast